Alum Brings Noodle Favorite To Boca

The new Ramen Lab Eatery offers delicious meal options and a trendy experience, using fresh ingredients full of protein. This hip, fast and casual laboratory claims to stay true to the bowl concept, which includes donburi and poke bowls.

“We are emphasizing sustainable food made fresh and our own in-house ramen noodles,” said Louis Grayson, owner of the Ramen Lab. “Be ready to experience a thick, rich broth in perfect balance with handmade noodles.”

Ramen Lab Eatery works with local sustainable ingredients. Since it is a proclaimed “lab” eatery, the restaurant both satisfies ramen lovers and focused on crafting unique bowls, innovative Izakaya tapas and even special beers from Japan and local Floridian brewers.

“I did not know what a real ramen bowl was until I visited the Ramen Lab Eatery,” said Francisco Murcia, diner. “On top of enjoying real Japanese food, the environment is so cool and engaging.”

At the innovative restaurant, customers get to enjoy a wide array of authentic toppings, from tender pork cha-shu to a perfectly cooked and seasoned poached egg with fresh garlic, taking an ordinary ramen bowl to the next level. One of the many reasons behind the Ramen restaurant’s uniqueness is its utmost product quality.

“The main factors in a great ramen noodle is its bounciness, the way it adheres to the broth and its texture in the mouth, overall contributing to its value,” said Grayson. “More importantly, the noodles must be made fresh!”

“I never thought a bowl of Ramen could taste so fresh and delicious,” said Murcia. “It is hard to choose a favorite bowl, but if I had to, it would be the marinated Cha-shu pork! I recommend this place to everyone.”

Without a doubt, diners alike have seen the Ramen Lab difference in their short time in existence thus far. Moving forward, Lynn students can anticipate the new creations Grayson and his other creative minds have up their sleeves.

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