Dinosaur Days

This Godzilla re-make will not disappoint.
This Godzilla re-make will not disappoint.


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Recently, the very highly anticipated Godzilla movie was released. Fans and mov­ie critics alike flooded the­atres to catch this release.

An abundance of Godzilla films released in the past set the bar high for the 2014 take on this classic, with a total of 28 Japanese and three other American versions of the movies. The most recent Ameri­can film prior to the movie being played in theatres today, was released in 1998, portraying Godzilla as a monster, who takes over New York City and smashes army tanks. This time around, the movie takes place in California and Godzilla has an ob­stacle to overcome in the form of a giant radioactive spider. The monster is re­ferred to as MUTO (Mas­sive Unidentified Terres­trial Organism) in this film.

Director Garreth Edwards develops a sub plot involv­ing Joe Brody (Bryan Cran­ston), a man in the army helping to fight MUTO. He has just returned home from a long stint in the army, but now must fight for the city’s survival.

Godzilla comes on the scene about 35 minutes into the film to restore bal­ance, as he is the king of the monsters. The army and Godzilla work to­gether in a battle to save the city from MUTO.

Film critic websites, such as Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 73%, with au­dience ratings at 72%. Godzilla fans enjoyed the movie and said that the story was much more enjoyable than the 1998 Godzilla in New York.

For the average movie fan, Godzilla will keep them entertained with phenom­enal special effects and intense fighting scenes. Even for those new to this film series, it is a must see.

Marvel Satisfy

Captain America returns to save the day. Stock Photo.
Captain America returns to save the day. Stock Photo.


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The newest Marvel film, “Captain America and the Winter soldier” is differant from all the other movies in the fran­chise. It is a very modern movie, compared to the previous Captain America movies. Captain Amer­ica’s costume has been significantly redesigned for the film, demonstrat­ing a more bulky look. In the older versions Steve Rogers always wore a helmet, however, in this film he is shown wear­ing a facial mask instead.

The secondary charac­ters featured in this film include Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan),Na­tasha Romanoff (Scar­let Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L.Jackson), who runs S.H.I.E.L.D., the spy agency that over­seas special operations for the United States. An­thony Mackie also plays the Falcon in this movie.

In many reviews, most stated that they liked “Captain America First Avenger” better, due to its motivational message. It begins in 1941 with a weak young man who transitions into becom­ing a strong superhero. He also becomes a WWII hero and is respected by by everyone, unlike at the beginning of the movie where he was continuous­ly mocked. Many people enjoyed this film as it was amusing, adventurous and related to American his­tory. In particular the au­dience really seem to like that the films do not drib­ble out slowly over time like the James Bond series or Spider Man movies.

Fans of action and gun­play will definitely enjoy this film. Captain Amer­ica acts as a more relat­able superhero than oth­ers, such as Batman. This film will not disappoint.

Sailing Through the Summer

Milkowski enjoying her time spent at the sea on her beloved boat.
Milkowski enjoying her time spent at the sea on her beloved boat.


Staff Writer

Nicoleta Milkowski, se­nior, is gearing up for her most exciting sum­mer vacation to date, which will be primar­ily spent enjoying life at sea on her very first boat.

Originally from chilly Rhode Island, Milkowski chose Florida as her col­lege destination because of the endless boating possi­bilities. Like many others, she loves the beach and en­joys being able to take ad­vantage of Florida’s gold­en coast all year around.

“The beach is [great] fun, but owning a boat just en­hances my time here in Boca,” said Milkowski.

Owning a boat pro­vides the means to take an abundance of trips to nearby countries, such as the Bahamas. Milkowski transferred to Lynn in the Spring of 2013 and knew the moment she arrived that she wanted to pur­chase a boat to be able to accomplish such things and fully take advantage of all Florida has to offer.

“It was always my life long dream to move to South Florida and to buy my very own boat,” Milkowski states.

Since beginning her sum­mer internship, Milkowski has been taking her boat out during the weekends. Being surrounded by deep blue waves after a work heavy week is the per­fect relaxation method, according to Milkowski.

To kick off her sum­mer vacation Milkowski and some friends took the boat from Boynton Beach, where she lives, all the way down to the Keys for a weekend.

There are many fun things to do on a boat, wake board­ing, tubing or even a giant inflatable banana. Fishing, snorkeling and tanning are some of Milkowski’s fa­vorite activities, but just being with friends and taking a break from ev­eryday life while cruising the ocean waves is the best part of being a boat owner.

“When I am on my boat it is like an escape from life,” she said.

With this in mind, it seems as if Milkowski has found the perfect blend of a unique man­ner of transportation and relaxation with her boat.

Get Up, Get Fit and Get Moving

Students enjoying a work out at Dirt Fitness, located locally in Boca.


Staff Writer

Dirt Fitness, an upbeat and motivational gym, located in Boca is the perfect way to stay in shape over summer vacation.

Dirt, located at 7152 Beracasa Way, offers a variety of weight training and fitness building classes that will make working toward any fitness goal a fun and exciting process, allowing people to step out of their comfort zone.

Everyday reveals a new workout to ensure that every muscle in the body is targeted and strengthened.

“I have been a personal trainer for half my life, it is my passion to help people make a lifestyle change,” said Kelli Musa, gym owner. “I have seen some serious changes in people even just over a matter of a month.”

Although the thought of working out might strike fear in some, Dirt Fitness makes it an intriguing process.

“I have been going for almost a full year now and I still look forward to it every single day,” stated Casey Brown, senior. “You never know what to expect when you walk in those doors, which is the most thrilling part for me.”

With the boot camp style classes, it makes it easy for newcomers to fit right in. From dumbbell lunges to pull-ups, it is amazing to see what one’s body is capable of achieving when being pushed to the limit. Having three personal trainers to guide one along the way also makes this gym truly unique. If having a nice atmosphere is not enough, Dirt also offers a special student discount. Each month Lynn students receive $50 off the original price.

“During the summertime, you sweat a little extra and going to the beach after a nice workout is that much more satisfying,” said Emily Robinson, senior.

Dirt Fitness, ultimately, is one of the best places a student could spend time working on their fitness. The discount, variety of times and classes offered and smiling familiar faces to help people along their fitness journey makes Dirt the place to be.

Dirt provides one of the best atmospheres in South Florida for motivation and dedication when is comes to exercise and health.

Lynn Archer


The Olympic recurve shooters have been training hard all year round at the Fort Lauderdale Archery Club, with the hope of going to the Olympics next season.

Ashley Abel, sophomore, has been practicing this sport for two years and now she wishes to be part of the American Olympic team. After a hard training session, consisting of several hours, she confessed that archery makes her stay focused and helps her remain determined when trying to achieve any objective.

“About two years ago, I visited my uncle’s house. He had a bad bow and some rusted arrows, but I decided to try to shoot it anyway and ended up getting all the arrows in or around the center,” said Abel.

It is important to mention the big difference between the recurve bow used in the Olympics from the one used for every day practice. Abel explained that this special bow includes a string that touches a section of the limb when the bow is strung. Competitors tend to practice a lot in order to do it correctly, since it is more difficult than the regular one.
“My first time shooting, my parents and I realized that I had a natural talent for archery. Ever since that day, my family has encouraged me to pursue the sport,” said Abel.

The Fort Lauderdale Archery Club first established in the twenties, remains one of the best in the country. Important competitors go there to practice their skills and to improve their shooting abilities. Abel is the youngest member of the group, most of them being male adults. However, she is considered one of the best and everyone has high hopes that she will achieve her Olympic goal.

“I am definitely learning from the best,” said Abel. What is a normal day for Abel, the majority of students at Lynn would consider extraordinary. Not everyone has such rare talent. She goes three times a week to the Fort Lauderdale Archery Club to improve and train. Abel states that she wants to be part of the Olympic team to represent her country, the United States of America.

Trading Pencils For Pine Trees

Camp counselor helping camper practice archery.
Camp counselor helping Pine Tree campers practice archery on Lynn’s campus.


Staff Writer

Pine Tree Camps, located on Lynn’s campus, is one of the best summer camps in South Florida.

Pine Tree offers many different mini-camps that are centered on learning new experiences. Pine Tree contains camps such as Multimedia camp and Circus camp, among others, that allow campers to learn new techniques, such as taking a photo with high-tech equipment or learning how to perform different acrobatic tricks in succession of one another.

Like all great things in life, Pine Tree Camps has an origin story. “Pine Tree Camps was started in 1978 by Mrs. Helen Ross and Sue Merrill,” said Diane DiCerbo, camp director. “It was started so that the staff and faculty at the College of Boca Raton (later Lynn University) could have their children busy during the summer months so that they could continue to work toward making the college a great place to attend.”

Each of the three sessions of Pine Tree Camps contains something that every child can enjoy. “I find Pine Tree Camps to be a very family oriented camp,” said Marianne Wasserman, assistant director of Pine Tree Camps. “I’ve seen kids start here at the age of three and have fallen in love with the Pine Tree lifestyle and will continue to be in love with it until they get real jobs.”

The main highlight of the summer always lies in the middle of the third and final session, when the camp is split up into two teams for the camp’s annual Color War. According to Wasserman, “Color War started out with more administrated planning and has emerged into our captains taking charge of most of our activities as opposed to our administration dictating what needs to get done. Every year it gets more and more competitive, more creative, but it always ends up that we are always a part of the Pine Tree family.”

Many children around the country have had the opportunity to experience Pine Tree Camps. Counselors have had the privilege of watching their campers mature over the years, from watching campers experience their first summer at the age of three to watching those same campers finish their final summer at the age of fourteen.

“My whole family has gone here and left with happiness,” said Wasserman. “It’s quite evident that Pine Tree values family.”

Much Needed Fun in the Sun

Students at the pool after a hard semester.
Students at the pool after a hard semester.


Staff Writer

Now that the spring semester at Lynn University is over, summer 2014 is heating up and the diverse student body at Lynn share their outlooks on their perfect summer.

From tanning at the beach to staying local for classes, Lynn students are ready to enjoy their break.

Lying on a hammock underneath the shade of a tree on campus is the preferred pastime of many. Omer Para¬cha, junior, spends much time sitting and admiring the picturesque view.

“My favorite thing to do in the summer time is to lay out as much as possible, said Paracha. “I enjoy tanning and taking time to self-reflect after a tough school year.”

Other students are focusing on career goals this summer, such as Louis Davis, senior.

“This summer I plan on staying focused on my future, keeping up with my internship and work,” said Davis. “In my spare time, I do plan on hanging out with friends, mainly playing PS4, but no time for full relaxation.

On Spanish River Beach Harry Rosen, junior, could not wait to hit the silver sand and deep blue waves. Rosen enjoys collecting various materials found on the beach and hopes to construct a bowl full of unique and beautiful shells, while Stephanie Cohn, junior, would rather tan on the beach.

“I enjoy the beach just for this reason, multiple functions,” said Cohn. “Harry can collect shells as I try and become tan without getting sunburnt.”

Summer heat is not loved by everyone, which is why Brittany Butler, junior, decided that most of her summer would be spent indoors.

“I hate the humidity and the bugs that summer brings,” said Butler. “I plan on staying in and catching up on movies and television shows.”

Whether deciding to stay up all night watching movies and television shows or going out and enjoying the beach, friends or work, Lynn students are ready for the summer.
To all Lynn students and faculty, be safe and enjoy the vacation.