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Kiwana Alveranga

Kiwana Alveranga is a Digital Art and Design major. When she is not in classes, she’s focusing on creating a portfolio of her work for when she decides to apply for UX Design jobs. She enjoys editing photos and creating wireframes for websites. Kiwana has found a love for art since the age of 4, she has practiced multiple ways of creating art and continues to improve her knowledge on it, especially with how art is advancing everyday. 

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen, 22, a South Florida native and an advertising and public relations major, focuses on communication, writing and public speaking. Cohen has a diverse range of experiences to draw from in his writing. He worked at a startup doing sales for two years and is a musician who played in a touring band for two years in the Midwest. He has over a year of experience in the restaurant industry both serving and bartending, and now works as a business development intern at Kreps PR & Marketing. 

Bryan Garfield

Bryan Garfield is a Lynn University senior studying communications. Born and raised in South Florida, Garfield is a sports fanatic who hopes to have a career in the sports media world.

Daniel Josephberg

Daniel Josephberg is a junior, majoring in communication. Born and raised in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  Josephberg hopes to write for the sports column of a leading newspaper in the future. His experience and interest stems from attending the Bruce Beck Sports Broadcasting Camp in high school and going to different sports games growing up. 

Max Lederer

Max Lederer is a sophomore communication major. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he came to South Florida for his college career and plans on moving to South Florida permanently. Lederer is a member of Lynn’s Project Civitas, an organization that promotes civility and kindness on college campuses and beyond, and he serves on the board of Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach. He also has written numerous articles for iPulse during his past tenure at Lynn University by doing a “Travel to the Max” column. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, golfing and exploring all the sites and sounds South Florida and beyond has to offer.

Trent Swatko

Trent Swatko is an incoming junior, majoring in film production. From Briarcliff Manor, New York, Swatko aims to enter a career in editing or audio production. In his free time, Swatko enjoys listening to music and building sets. 

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Gary Carlin

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Andy Hirst

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Mike Arsenault

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Jahzeel Ramos

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