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Gretchen Lembcke-pena

Gretchen Lembcke-Pena is a junior majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in public relations. Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Lembcke-Pena is an avid reader and a passionate writer. She has been a contributing writer for iPulse for the past two years. During her free time, Lembcke-Pena enjoys video games, skateboarding, and spending hours on her Kindle.

Graphics and Photography Support

Valeria Rodriguez

Valeria Rodriguez is a senior double-majoring in advertising and public relations and graphic design. Originally from Cali, Colombia, rodriguez relocated to the u.s. when she was 14 years old. She’s since found a love of graphic design, which led her to become a marketing intern at sonny’s enterprise, inc. Rodriguez will hold the title of marketing intern until she graduates from Lynn university in May 2023.

Managing Editor

Onielia Wilson

Onielia Wilson is a sophomore studying communication at Lynn university. Wilson was born and raised in manchester, jamaica, where she worked as a communications and administration manager at an automobile company. She has a passion for entertainment and performing arts. In 2019, Wilson participated in the world choir games, achieved awards for music from the jamaica cultural development commission, and won first place in jamaica for performing arts theatre in the Caribbean advanced proficiency examination.

Assistant Editor

Clotilde Soullier

Clotilde Soullier is a Lynn university junior studying communication and mass media. Originally from Monte Carlo, Soullier completed the majority of her studies in Switzerland, where she had the chance to learn different cultures and languages. Throughout high school, she found her passion in writing. Her free time is dedicated to painting, writing, skiing, and hanging out with her loved ones.

Staff Writers

Téa Tallone

Téa Stallone is a Lynn university senior who will be graduating in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in film and television production. Tallone has worked on numerous multimedia projects including a prime video show, “ultimate invasion,” which premiered in February of 2021. This past spring semester, she produced the collaborative capstone film, “in her pocket.” Most recently, she became an assistant producer on a micro-production film scheduled to begin filming in November 2022. When she is not filming or working as a professional editor for a children’s education company, Stallone enjoys expressing her artistic and creative talents, which push her to try new things in her films.

JT Scott

Jt Scott is a junior at Lynn university and majoring in multimedia journalism with the hopes of one day becoming a sports analyst for ESPN and covering professional sports as a broadcaster. Scott was born and raised in Massachusetts and grew up playing sports, from which his passion for sports journalism is derived. Aside from journalism, Scott loves to spend time outdoors fishing and golfing with friends.

Allison Young

Allison Young is a Lynn university senior majoring in digital art and design focusing on photography. Young is from Alabama and aspires to become a photographer or a teacher after graduation. Some of Young’s hobbies include video games, painting, and swimming.

Dan Abraham

Dan Abraham is a junior majoring in advertising and public relations. He resides in Lynn university’s new on-campus capstone apartments. Originally from Virginia, Abraham likes to spend his time hiking, going to the beach, watching movies and tv, and hanging out with friends. He loves to try new local restaurants and entertainment venues in the area. Abraham is excited to be back at Lynn for a third year after a wonderful summer in Paris with Lynn’s study abroad program and a rewarding volunteer trip to Peru.

Ava Margolis

Ava Margolis is a senior studying multimedia journalism. She plans on using her communications experience and passion for helping children in her future aspirations of becoming a child therapist. In her free time, Margolis enjoys interacting with animals, exercising, and doing outdoor activities.

Beverly Buechse

Beverly buechse is a multimedia journalism major at lynn university. She is a senior graduating in december. Buechse is a new jersey native, but has taken an opportunity to study in florida. She has previously worked as a staff writer for ipulse.

Faculty Advisors

Timea Varga

Martin Phillips

Stefanie Powers 

Faculty Advertising Advisor

Gary Carlin

Faculty Web & Design Support 

Andy Hirst

Faculty Support 

Mike Arsenault

Robert Leigh 

Jahzeel Ramos

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