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The Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief – Adrianna Matamoros

Adrianna Matamoros

Contact: amatamoros@email.lynn.edu

Adrianna Matamoros is a third year-transfer student pursuing a degree in multimedia journalism at Lynn. Her curiosity for the world and her passion  for storytelling has lead her to explore all mediums of journalism; she has written for fashion magazines, published work for online blogs, hosted local television programs and offered her talents to NBC Universal and NBC 6 South Florida. Aside from her ambitions in journalism, she loves film, literature, activism, fashion and the arts. Matamoros strives to achieve a career that satisfies each one of these passions and aspires to take her storytelling ambitions to New York City. She is committed to living presently everyday, to learning as much as she can about the world and to working toward something that is greater than herself.

Editor-in-Chief – Victoria Alvarez 

Victoria Alvarez

Contact: valvarez2@email.lynn.edu

Victoria Alvarez is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. Originally from Pembroke Pines, Alvarez first found her passion for journalism at a young age and carried that passion to college. Through her hard work and dedication, she was given the opportunity to previously serve iPulse in various positions, including Editor-In-Chief. Alvarez recently studied abroad in Rome for the 2016 fall semester where she studied journalism and the Italian language as she traveled Europe. Before doing so, she spent her time as the Event Chair for the Universities of Boca Raton Relay for Life,  a Resident Assistant for Housing and Residence Life and  a student ambassador for the Office of Admission. Today, Alvarez serves as an intern for Athletic Communication at Lynn, focusing on sports journalism and photography. Alvarez aspires to work for a major news network following graduation  in May.

Managing Editor – Adam Yurkiewitz

Adam Yurkiewitz

Contact: ayurkiewitz@email.lynn.edu

Adam Yurkiewitz is a current managing editor for iPulse. When not with iPulse, Yurkiewitz enjoys helping faculty, staff and students as a student worker in the Information Technology department. Yurkiewitz has also worked with other organizations, helping them to boost their online presence and spread awareness about products, services and news. He is open to questions, comments and suggestions with anything pertaining to iPulse and the social media platforms used. Yurkiewitz is currently a senior and is majoring in communications and emerging media. Aside from working at Lynn, Yurkiewitz enjoys spreading his knowledge of technology to senior citizens around the community and aspires to continue educating innovation for many years to come.

Assistant Editor – Paige Ellenson

Paige Ellenson

Contact: pellenson@email.lynn.edu

Paige Ellenson is a sophomore majoring in multimedia journalism who has continued to broaden her journalistic skills ever since finding her passion for the medium in fourth grade. Ellenson is also a contributing writer for the Palm Beach Post and a leader in documenting civic issues. After graduating, Ellenson hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming an entertainment news reporter for E! News, Extra or the Today Show.

Assistant Editor – Kaitlyn Frame

Contact: kframe@email.lynn.edu

Kaitlyn Frame

Kaitlyn Frame is a sophomore in the 3.0 program majoring in multimedia journalism. While enrolled in her Journalism I course, Frame gained editorial experience and enjoyed writing about entertainment. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, traveling, musical theatre and playing ukulele, guitar and piano. Frame hopes to eventually work for Rolling Stone magazine or as an editor for a book publishing company.

Assistant Editor – Shawn Johnson 

Contact: sjohnson5@email.lynn.edu

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is a freshman studying multimedia journalism.  Thanks to his passion for sports, Johnson has found a love for writing and strives to utilize it to make a difference in the world.  Johnson is now excited to bring relevant stories to the Lynn community while working with iPulse.

Copy Support – Hadassa Delhomme  

Contact: hdelhomme@email.lynn.edu

Hadassa Delhomme

Hadassa Delhomme is a freshman studying multimedia journalism at Lynn. She found a love for writing and the arts  while taking creative writing in high school. She hopes to graduate in two years with the 3.0 program.

Copy Support – Laura Garrido  

Contact: lgarrido@email.lynn.edu

Laura Garrido

Laura Garrido was born and raised in Colombia. She is pursuing journalism with a minor in communication and emerging media. Outside of media, Garrido performs  with Lynn University’s drama club and is part of the President’s Honor Society.

Web Coordinator – Brian Martin

Contact: bmartin2@email.lynn.edu

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is a junior majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in social media. Martin has been with iPulse since his freshman year and loves to be involved with it. He feels very accomplished having earned the President’s Honor Society mantle for spring semester last year and fall semester this year.  In addition to being a part of iPulse, Martin is also a member of Lynn’s G.A.M.E. Club and a contributing writer for the online website The Artifice. Martin hopes to maintain his good grades and hopefully land a writing job at his favorite entertainment news organization IGN.

Social Media Manager – Gioia Sacco 

Contact: gsacco@email.lynn.edu

Gioia Sacco

Gioia Sacco is a senior studying multimedia journalism. Originally from Long Island, Sacco has been a part of the iPulse for three years now and is a contributing writer for the Palm Beach Post. Sacco has obtained multimedia experience interning for Long Island Radio Broadcasting. Aside from her writing endeavors, Sacco has a passion in life for cosmetology. As for her journalistic ambitions, she hopes to fulfill her dreams of becoming a news anchor on a New York television. She is excited to take on her role as social media manager and to develop creative content for iPulse’s social media.

Advertising Manager – Cassidy Kruse 

Contact: ckruse@email.lynn.edu

Cassidy Kruse

Cassidy Kruse is a junior at Lynn University studying advertising and public relations. Kruse is originally from coastal New Jersey, but knew from a young age she would move to Florida in order to enjoy the sunshine and beaches year round. She realized her love for this field when she became a published author in middle school. She loves to be involved in the entertainment and sports industry, where she hopes to work one day. While still in her first year as a Fighting Knight, Kruse has already grown to love the community she now resides in. She is an active student on campus and serves as the President for the Student Activities Board, a Student Admissions Ambassador, manager for Pulse Agency and the advertising manager for iPulse.

The Creative Team

Video Producer – Thorn Daniels 

Contact: cdaniels@email.lynn.edu

Chris Daniels 2

Thorn Daniels is a senior from York, PA. This is his second year as the producer of iPulse. During his junior year, Daniels created iPulseLIVE and is currently working on other shows for the website. Recently, Daniels was awarded the CLA Scholarship where he filmed a series of shorts in Japan. After he graduates, Daniels plans to move to L.A. in order to pursue a masters at The New York Film Institute. Daniels aspires to take his talents to IGN or Cracked and continue creating content for video, traveling the globe and producing his own work.

Associate Producer – Grace Goodenough 

Contact: ggoodenough@email.lynn.edu

Gracie Goodenough

Gracie Goodenough is a 3.0 student at Lynn. After obtaining in-studio experience with iPulse last semester, Goodenough has returned as an iPulseLIVE producer and is eager to continue to foster its growth. Goodenough’s future aspirations include working as a producer for NBC.

Video Editor – Spencer Jackson 

Contact: sjackson@email.lynn.edu

Spencer Jackson

Spencer T. Jackson is a junior at Lynn majoring in film and television. Jackson is involved with Knights of the Roundtable as the Information Knight. Jackson is passionate about sports and politics and hopes to translate that into iPulse and make a difference on campus.

Video Support – James Bond 

Contact: jbond@email.lynn.edu

James Bond

James Bond is a passionate, hardworking student who is prepared to offer his support to the broadcast team for the production of iPulseLIVE. Aside from iPulse, Bond enjoys creating content and exploring the video world.

Video Support – Carly Galant 

Contact: cgalant@email.lynn.edu

Carly Rae Galant

Carly Galant is a student at Lynn who is eager to lend her talents, passions and skills to the broadcast side of iPulse. Aside from working with video production, Galant enjoys creative endeavors like watching film.

Video Support – Esin Ventura 

Contact: eventura@email.lynn.edu

Esin Ventura

Esin Ventura has been eager to collaborate with iPulseLIVE for some time. With her position as video support, Ventura is ready to put her passion on display. She looks forward to a new exciting and educational semester.

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Faculty Support

Maria Cardenas

Calvin Jordan

Christelle Mehu

Faculty Support

Gary Carlin

Martin Phillips

Stephanie Powers

Andrew Vermes

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