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Editor-in-Chief – Marisa McGrady


Contact: mmcgrady@email.lynn.edu

Marisa McGrady is a junior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. She began writing creatively in fourth grade and has been dedicated to improving her craft creatively and professionally ever since. She enjoys reading fantasy fiction, poetry, and all the wonderful pieces submitted to the iPulse editorial team. Aside from writing and reading, Marisa spends her time painting, competing for and captaining the Lynn University Speech and Debate Team, and hanging out with her cat, Obsidian. 

Head Graphic Designer – Alexandra Zapata 

Contact: azapataga@lynn.edu

Alexandra Zapata is a multimedia artist raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Media Design, she serves as the Graduate Assistant for the College of Communication and Design. Alexandra has worked as a flute teacher, a video game design instructor for children, and a resident assistant for first-year students living on campus. She has dedicated her academic career to studying Film Theory, Scriptwriting, Music Publishing, Video Production, Drawing and Painting, 3D Modeling and Animation, and more.

Assistant Editor – Francesca De Nes

Francesca De Nes is studying political science with a minor in multimedia journalism.  De Nes was born in England but has lived in Denmark, Germany, Guatemala, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She enjoys giving back to the community through social impact work such as travelling to Costa Rica through the Ambassador Corps program and becoming a Millenium Fellow. Beat: Social Impact Beat

Assistant Editor – Maria Acosta Bello 

María Paula Acosta is studying Political Science with a Minor in Multimedia Journalism. Acosta was born in the Dominican Republic but has lived in France, United States, and Spain. Therefore, she speaks English, Spanish, and French. Beat: Events on Campus & Career Connections 

Assistant Editor – Kathryn Hubbard 

Kathryn Hubbard is a sophomore from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is majoring in Multimedia Journalism with a Criminal Justice minor and is on the editorial team as a managing editor for the iPulse print editions. Kathryn is a member of the Tri Sigma sorority and is the Panhellenic Secretary for women’s Greek life on campus. Beat: Around Boca

Head Web Coordinator – Louis Eisenberg

Contact: leisenberg@email.lynn.edu

Louis Eisenberg is a sophomore majoring in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Photography. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) a Greek Organization located on campus. Louis was born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Louis currently lives in sunny San Diego, California, where he loves to be outdoors, enjoying nature and documenting the world through a camera lens. Beat: Man on the Street.

Advertising Manager – Claire McCabe 

Claire McCabe is a junior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor of Journalism. In addition to academics, McCabe has had leadership opportunities such as being apart of the student government her sophomore year and being a peer leader this year. Claire looks forward to joining the iPulse team to grow her journalism skills. Beat: Student & Faculty Profiles

Distribution Manager – Spencer Backman

Emily Christensen – Copy Editor 

Emily Christensen is currently a junior majoring in Communication, so she can make her dream of becoming a magazine journalist a reality. She works as the Senior Editor for Her Campus Lynn, while also writing lifestyle, wellness and fitness articles in her spare time. When Christensen is not writing, she is running with the cross country and track team at Lynn.

Caramia Valentin – Copy Editor 

A freshman from Swansboro, N.C., Valentin worked as an intern with the Swansboro Area Chamber of Commerce where she wrote for her local newspaper and promoted local businesses. Valentin is currently pursing her multimedia journalism degree to fulfill her dream of working as a writer for National Geographic.

Danielle McDuffie – Copy Editor 

Joseph Bonanno – Staff Writer 

Joesph Bonanno is a freshman studying Film and Television major. Bonanno’s dream is to become a movie producer and achieve a job in the film industry. He hopes to one day be able to transfer his creative and new ideas onto the big screen one day.

Beverly Buechse – Staff Writer 

Beverly Buechse is multimedia journalism major entering her third semester at Lynn University. She was born and raised in New Jersey and has moved and lived all over different parts of the state. After graduating Lynn, she plans to be a screenwriter and write her own television shows.

Emma Carlson – Staff Writer 

Emma Carlson is a junior studying advertising and social media. Before Lynn, Carlson attended West Virginia University for her freshman and sophomore years. Since then, she has gotten to know and understand Lynn and is excited to become more involved within the school. When not at Lynn, she goes to hot yoga, loves to cook, and listens to her favorite podcasts.

Emily DannStaff Writer

Emily Dann is 20 years old and from Westchester, New York. She is majoring in Advertising/Social Media/ PR, but has a dream of opening up a home cooking restaurant or food truck with her boyfriend after college. She spends her time cover media footage for the local TOPSoccer Program and taking care of her two cats.

Michael Farley – Staff Writer

Michael Farley is a transfer student from a college called landmark that’s in the state of Vermont. He is at a Junior or even a senior in college. He was born and raised in New York City my whole life. He has gain medals in high school for playing baseball and track for his teams. He has done a study abroad trip in Japan and has gain a great deal of experience there. He has done volunteer work for his schools and internship at a party company called C3brix.

Mariela Guzman – Staff Writers

Mariela Guzman is a 19 year old sophomore student in the 3.0 program at lynn. She is a multimedia journalism major. She is originally from Long Island, New York. As career goals she wishes to work for either a news reporting company or writing articles.

Elissa Lipke – Staff Writer 

Elissa Lipke is a junior, studying general communications and elementary education. Lipke was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and has always loved the relentless, yet exciting winters. Lipke has always had a knack for working with children, and she dreams of being able to come combine both communications and education into one professional position.

Christian Miranda- Staff Writer 

Christian Miranda is a Communication major and a Marketing minor. His dream job is to become a comedian and making people laugh. He has even performed in his own stand-up comedy show recently. Some of his hobbies are laying in bed, watching TV, and playing video games.

Tommy O’Neil – Staff Writer 

Tommy O’Neil is a senior who transferred majoring in Communications and transferred to Lynn in the fall of 2018. When he isn’t busy with school work and when his meniscus isn’t torn you can see him in the gym constantly trying to improve himself.

Campbell Robinson – Staff Writer 

Campbell Robinson is a freshman studying film and television production. Robinson grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, and has also lived in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. He currently works as a student technical director and producer for the Lynn Sports Network.

Roysi Rubin – Staff Writer

Roysi Rubin is a junior at Lynn University from Turkish origin. Since high school years Roysi had interest in media. She did two interviews for two different public magazines named Heygirl and Cosmogirl. Her first interview was with one of the famous singers of Turkey named Keremcem and the second one was done with a famous actress of Turkey named Merve Boluğur. Then she decides to study Film and Tv because she loves telling stories with videos and editing. When she started Lynn University, she also become a member of the National Broadcast Society. She has been a member for 2 years.

Jenna Marie Russo – Staff Writer 

Jenna Marie Russo is a visual arts major at Lynn University. She is originally from Long Island, New York. She has finished a program through Dowling College where she studied art abroad throughout Tuscany, Italy. She currently teaches art to elementary students in Boca Raton.

Samantha Samarelli – Staff Writer 

Samantha Samarelli is a junior at Lynn University. She is from a small little town in New Jersey called Seaside Heights. Samarelli loves to be active on campus as she is a peer leader, president of one of the two sororites-Sigma Sigma Sigma, and is a member of LLI.

Tyler Valdez – Staff Writer 

Tyler Valdez is a junior studying mass communications at Lynn University. Originally from New Mexico, Valdez has been moving around the world since a very young age. These places have included various locations across the United States, Asia, and Europe. With Valdez’s lifestyle of traveling, he plans on taking his lifestyle to tell stories and capture the world of the beautiful game.

Manuel Varela Herrera – Staff Writer 

Manuel Varela is a sophomore studying Media Practice in Lynn University. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Varela always found audiovisual products externally interesting which got him to have an internship in a Media company in Spain. He will finish his Media Practice degree in 2023.

Anissa Walker – Staff Writer 

Anissa Walker is a sophomore, her major is film/television and she also takes a couple of business classes on the side. Anissa lives in New York City one of her greatest achievements she had accomplished was performing on Broadway. From there on she knew what she wanted to do for her career choice.

Amani Castillo – Staff Writer

Amani Castillo is a senior studying psychology. Originally from Miramar, Florida and has lived here her whole life. Castillo has continuously received a Dean’s Scholarship and will be graduating this year, May 2020. She is looking forward to seeing what her future holds after graduation.

Olivia Dols – Staff Writer 

Olivia Dols is a Multimedia Journalism major. Dols is from Tampa, Florida and has grown as a person and writer since starting college. In her sophomore year, she joined HerCampus at Lynn and has been published multiple times on the HerCampus website.

Nicole Drummond – Staff Writer 

Nicole Drummond is a Film and Television Major. She is in the 3.0 program and is set to graduate in May 2020. She was the Co-Facilitator of the Feminist Friday club last year. She is also a Student Admission Ambassador for her college campus at Lynn University.

Andrew Goldberg – Staff Writer 

Andrew Goldberg is a sophomore at Lynn University, majoring in Film and Television Production and minoring in Sports Management. At Lynn University, he is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. His past works include, volunteering, working for Key Club and working at Digital Waterworx. In addition, he has had his own radio show at Lynn University too.

Crystal Hagberg – Staff Writer 

Crystal Ayn Hagberg is a sophomore at Lynn University where she is studying Digital art and design and minoring in advertising. Hagberg has been playing soccer since she was five and has led her to playing for the Womens soccer team at Lynn University. While she isn’t playing soccer she loves to take photos, bake, and cook for her family and friends.

Naskyya Hester – Staff Writer 

Naskyya Hester is a Film and television B.F.A major, originally from Boston MA. She grewup in South Florida, where she had gotten the opportunity to fully explore her creative
endeavors. A BAK MSOA, and G-star school of the arts alum and 2018 winner of PBSSOF mental health PSA, Naskyya aspires to become a writer, and a director of film, tv and musicvideos.

Glenn Jones – Staff Writer 

Noah Lavin – Staff Writer

Noah Lavin is a sophomore at Lynn University. His major is a BFA in Film and Television Production. He is from Villanova, Pennsylvania. His hobbies are photography, film, and spending time at the beach. He is a very down to earth and friendly man.

Benjamin Loos – Staff Writer 

Benjamin Loos is a senior majoring in psychology. Originally from Pomfret, Connecticut, Benjamin moved to Naples, Florida when he was 4 years old. He found a passion for collecting sneakers from the time he started his senior year in high school. Last year, Benjamin was the assistant manger for the men’s lacrosse team during the fall semester.

Justin McCarthy – Staff Writer 

Justin McCarthy is a sophomore at Lynn University; his major is in Film. His greatest accomplishment in his life so far is going to college, triumphing many adversaries, the biggest one being overcoming moving three times from London to Atlanta and New York. The goal he has now is to be the best person he can be – doing whatever he believes is necessary to redefine film for future generations to come.

Lauren Odom – Staff Writer 

Lauren Odom is a junior majoring in Communications. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Odom has grown up in the warmth being an avid reader and lover of nature. She received an athletic scholarship from Lynn University to play volleyball. Odom and her team were the first volleyball team in Lynn history to win a conference championship. Odom is on the Deans list and plans to accomplish other achievements while at Lynn.

Esther Ortiz Sanchez – Staff Writer 

Esther Ortiz is originally from Dominican Republic, studying B.A. Drama. Student from Alina Abreu Conservatorio de Danzas, Esther has attended master dance classes with professional instructors like Flavio Salazar, Franklin Gamero, Matt Steffanina and Dana Alexa. In 2017, she had a dance role in the ballet performance of La Bayadère; first time performed in her home country. Outside the dance studio she advocates on environmental care and endangered species, is aficionada to hockey, and is opened to any events production activities in the future.

Jaxson Price – Staff Writer 

Jax Price is an award-winning filmmaker from Boca Raton, Florida. In 2019, his short film Eli’s Cure 2075 recieved two awards for Best Sci-Fi Film and one award for Best Student Film. It went to seven international destinations and won 12 awards.Currently he is pursuing his passion at Lynn University where he is majoring in film and cinematography.

Jennifer Ragen – Staff Writer 

Jenna Ragen is a senior majoring in psychology. She loves living the Florida lifestyle at Lynn after growing up in downtown Chicago and also in Connecticut. She has served as a peer leader for incoming students to Lynn University and as a member of the Tri Sigma Sorority.

Bryan Ryder – Staff Writer 

Sophia Savvides – Staff Writer 

Sophia Savvides is a sophomore, film and tv major. She has been on the deans list since her freshman year.

Mia Tippenhauer – Staff Writer 

Mia Tippenhauer is a vibrant sophomore at Lynn University, getting her BFA in Film & Television and a Minor in Drama. She loves everything that is expression, from writing to playing the guitar, she thinks everything is expression. Ecstatic and budding, she awaits new experiences at Lynn University and furthermore.

Jose Luis Venta – Staff Writer 

Jose Luis Venta, a Film and Television major at Lynn University aspires to be a Director of Photography in the future. He currently participates as a Videographer/Photographer & Editor for Lynn University’s multiple social media platforms. Born and raised in Dominican Republic, he has two older sisters, Nura and Priscilla Venta.

Elisa Wallis – Staff Writer 

Elisa Wallis is a freshmen from Caracas, Venezuela. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and is very encouraged to study and acquire knowledge.

Mark Woort-Menker – Staff Writer 

Mark Woort-Menker is a sophomore at Lynn University studying Multimedia Journalism, with a minor is Sports Management. He found love for journalism when he had to quit his soccer career, he wanted to pursue a career that involved soccer but without playing. He has lived all over the place, ranging from London, England all the way to his most recent home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His hobbies are spending time with his friends and family, playing golf, video games and soccer.

Michelle Abinazar – Staff Writer 

Michelle Abinazar is a senior at Lynn University majoring in Multimedia Journalism. She
is from Venezuela, but moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. Her
favorite thing to do on her free time is make videos for YouTube and make creative

Jaqueline Birch – Staff Writer 

Jackie Birch is from a small town in Long Island New York, studying Multimedia Journalism. With the aspiration to be a successful television personality, Birch works for a local radio station, and has recently received her own radio show. Birch keeps an optimistic attitude and an open mind, within her time remaining at Lynn University.

Veronica Cichowska – Staff Writer 

This is Weronika’s Cichowska’s senior year at Lynn University. She is Polish American 1st generation. Multimedia Communication Major. She Plays for the Lynn Tennis team and loves the beach, nature, animal’s and spending time with family.

Osa Cichowska 

Osa Cichowska is a rescue dog to a service dog. She is a three year old German Shephard. Osa was found in a illegal puppy mill where she was kept chained too a fence and used to pump out puppies. Now Osa enjoys being Weronika Cichowska’s service dog and loves to play, swim and most importantly being loved and spoiled.

Helen Kreuzer – Staff Writer 

Helen Kreuzer is a senior studying sports management with a minor in multimedia journalism. Originally from Germany, Kreuzer came all the way to the United States to pursue her dream of playing college golf. After three successful seasons and being named an All-American, she is now entering her final season as a Fighting Knight. This year, Kreuzer is looking forward to finishing her degree and wants to keep working on her children’s book “Holiday Fun.”

Sara McManus – Staff Writer 

Sara McManus, is currently in her second year of being a member in the 3.0 program. From Upstate New York, McManus chose to attend Lynn for the easy accessibility to the beach and to experience everything that Florida has to offer. She is majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Multimedia Journalism. She aspires to be a TV host for QVC. This past summer she spent 15 weeks as a Digital Media Intern for Williams Auto Group. When Sara isn’t working you can find her running in the morning, at the beach or hanging out with friends!

Tendekai Mugabe – Staff Writer 

Tendekai Mugabe is a multimedia journalism major at Lynn University. Born in Harare Zimbabwe, she attended Harare International School since she was 4 where she graduated in 2017 after successfully completing the International Baccalaureate program. After graduating, she moved to Beijing China where she studied the language, Mandarin and tradition of the people. Tendekai also has a love for photography.

Emma Shapiro – Staff Writer 

Emma Shapiro is a Senior studying Communications. She is from Philadelphia PA. Shapiro has an abundance of interests in the realm of the arts. She is very creative and excited to improve her writing skills as well as learning new ways to improve herself.

Chelbie Smith – Staff Writer 

Sofiya Sokolova – Staff Writer 

Sofiya Sokolova is a sophomore/ junior studying multimedia journalism. Besides that Sofiya is part of Lynn’s tennis team. Originally from Russia. All her life she travelled around the world and visited many places. Lived in five different countries, at the age of fifteen she moved to Barcelona, Spain. She found her passion in writing articles and designing magazines covers. In the future, she wants to find her dream work at Vogue or Condé Nast magazine.

Evelyn Sosa – Staff Writer 

Evelyn Sosa is a psychology major with a minor in multimedia Journalism. When she is not at classes, Sosa is working with the office of admissions collaborating in different things such as letting admit students know the different activities that Lynn has throughout the year. She also wrote an article for the Lynn ipulse “Lynn over the past decade” . This year Sosa has been involved with the center of student involvement being a Peer Leader with the purpose of giving the best advice to her mentees. She is looking forward to finishing her Bachelors in psychology in order to do her masters in Organizational Psychology in the future.

Xavia Williams – Staff Writer 

Xavia Williams is a Media Studies and Practice student at Lynn University since Fall 2018. So far her biggest accomplishment has been graduating from Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. Soon enough that will be replaced with earning her Masters Degree in 2022. When she isn’t working hard in class or at the Center of Student Involvement she’s entertaining fans from the library’s radio room where she resides every Saturday afternoon as the executive producer and host of “Zay’s Variety show!” Her personal hobbies are usually watching anime with friends, listening to new music, reading a nice book or going out to eat.


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