Taste, Quality & Community

Christine’s at Lynn University

By Maria Sotomayor, Advertising Manager

Located at the heart of Lynn University’s campus, Christine’s is more than just a dining establishment; it combines taste, quality, and community to offer an unparalleled experience for students and faculty.

Students are often spotted at Christine’s while studying or hanging out with their friends. Either way, it’s a convenient and reliable place to be on campus. Not only do they have a great variety of food and drinks, but it’s also budget friendly. 

“I come almost every day to the study rooms on the second floor to do my homework,” said Javiera Sarmiento, a senior. “While I’m here, I like to grab a coffee or a sandwich from Christine’s.”

The staff at Christine’s, from the kitchen team to the servers, go above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and appreciated. It’s not unusual for the servers to remember regular customers’ favorite dishes. The staff, which also offers employment opportunities for students, are always warm and welcoming.

“We really try to make it a great experience for everyone here on campus,” said a server at Christine’s. 

“Christine’s is my favorite place on campus, I usually come and have lunch and coffee. What is surprising is that the staff already know what I am ordering every time,” said Patricio Lastra, a junior.

Christine’s is more than a restaurant; it’s an integral part of Lynn’s University’s identity. It’s a place where memories and meaningful connections meet in one place. 

Whether you’re craving a gourmet meal, seeking a cozy place to unwind, or looking to build lasting relationships, Christine’s at Lynn’s University is the place to be. Experience taste, quality, and community like never before in this culinary gem that enriches both the palate and the soul.

Lynn students studying and spending time at Christine’s. Photo/M. Sotomayor.
Staff at Christine’s. Photo/P. Lastra.

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