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Millennials are used to hearing their parents say “When I was your age…” before launching into a story about their younger days. As a result, young people often wish they could have witnessed the eclectic 80s era. Director Richard Linklater has made this with his new film “Everybody Wants Some!!”

Linklater is known for his humanist films, which revolve around personal relationships and the passage of time. In “Everybody Wants Some!!” he recreates the life of an 80s college baseball team. To ensure he depeicted this era as authentically as possible, Linklater gathered a talented cast of young actors to vividly bring the characters to life in this film.

Set in a Texas college, freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) meets his new teammates, Glen, (Tyler Hoechlin), Kenny (Ryan Guzman) and Billy (Will Brittain). Together, this dynamic four light up the screen with their crazy antics.

All four actors were delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with such a project.

“My first reaction when I was told that I was going to be part of a film set in the 80’s was excitement,” said Hoechlin. “Knowing that Rick was directing it obviously lets you know that you are going to be a part of something that is very authentic.”

Excitement is the most prominent feeling audiences will experience while watching this film. Witnessing these amazing performers showcase their dance moves, baseball skills and strong acting skills makes “Everybody Wants Some!!” a must-see.

Throughout this film, the importance of strong friendship is explored. With the cast being so close, the on-screen relationships between characters are portrayed in a realistic and nuanced manner.

“We know each other’s moms, we go to each other’s houses, so it is truly a blessing to do a movie and come out with very good friends you can trust,” said Brittain.

“We all have severe separation anxiety,” added Jenner, jokingly.

Each of the actors identified with aspects of their characters, allowing them to channel their own personalities onto the big screen.

“The one characteristic that I can say I shared with my character was an undertone of caring for his boys,” said Guzman. ” He cares about the people he lives with even though he might not have showed it in a conventional standard.”

The movie opens before class has started and the coach outlines several rules for the team, all of which are quickly broken as the boys get up to many wild adventures.

“What we wanted to capture was what it was like for a person to go off to college and the moment of getting there,” said Hoechlin “I remember getting dropped off at college and that moment of my parents driving away and realizing that I am actually on my own. That was the first moment where I felt free to be who I wanted to be, do what I wanted to do and the consequences were my responsibility.”

In the blink of an eye viewers are transmitted back to this amazing era where funk is king. With the support of an outstanding choreographic team the stars of the movie had the opportunity learn the good old moves and incorporate them into the scenes almost making the movie seem as if it was a musical.

“Disco dancing is nice because I am not a great dancer,” said Brittain “Disco dancing allows you to really be yourself since there is no wrong way to do it.”

“I think you hear those songs on the radio as a kid on the car with your dad and you just hear the music and when you put it with the people and those characters and you are at the disco and you have the look and everything it gives a whole new feeling to it, at least it did for me,” said Hoechlin. “So I have a new appreciation for it, so it’s like when I hear the funk that has a whole new vibe in my head now, instead of just when I hear it on the radio.”

With its laugh-out-loud moments and mischievous atmosphere, this film is sure to become a college classic. “Everybody Wants Some!!” is open in theaters nationwide now.

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