No Shoes? That Is Not A Problem


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Lynn is famous for being an international university with students from all around the globe. Each fall semester more than four hundred students are welcomed to begin their studies and to fulfill their dreams and prepare for their future career at Lynn. Alex Carrier, freshman, is one of those students beginning his studies at Lynn.

Carrier is an interesting and eccentric individual with many different hobbies; extreme hobbies that may not be common among other students which makes him so unique.

This 19-year-old French native is an extreme sports lover, the more dangerous the sport, the more appealing it is for him.

“I came here because I kite-surf and there are many spots around this area,” said Carrier.

Coming all the way from France to Florida to follow his passion is truly inspiring.

Some of his interests are not commonly known around campus, but they are what make him unique a part from everyone else. One of them includes bee keeping and having many reptiles as pets, something which Carrier is passionate about.

Many students around Lynn know him as “the kid with no shoes” because he typically walks barefoot on campus. He stopped wearing shoes after a hike in the French Alps five years ago.

“I took my shoes off because they got wet and from then on decided never to wear shoes again,” said Carrier.

Being oneself is certainly a trait that not many have the privilege to possess but Carrier obtains and is proud of it.

“As far as being popular for not wearing shoes, it’s just what I do and who I am,” said Carrier. “If you think its weird I don’t really care.”


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