As Commencement Draws Near, Seniors Think About The Future


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The end of undergraduate academic careers are quickly approaching, and it has become time for seniors to prepare themselves for life after Lynn. Graduation is something that all students look forward to at some point in their college years.

Some value it more than others, but the truth of the matter is graduation represents a big accomplishment in a lifetime. Since graduation is coming closer, students have started getting ready for the big day.

Some plan to relax and travel after graduation, while others already have a job lined up and eager to jump into the real world.

“Even though I am graduating this May, I am still staying at Lynn because I will be doing by master’s degree here,” said Ryan Caporice, senior.

“I have the opportunity [to play] baseball for Lynn which makes me very happy. So right now I am preparing myself by working out a lot and giving baseball my all.”

While some people are simply eager to free themselves from the stresses that come along with being an undegrad student, it is important that they remember to reap the benefits of the work put in over the past handful of years.

The best way to do this is by compiling a portfolio of the best work produced throughout the semesters.

“Scan some essays, art projects, lab reports and upload them to the ‘Cloud,’ advised Caporice. Things will be stressful as the transition is made from developing from a young adult to entry-level professionals, but it is important to celebrate every little step made in the right direction.

“I finished my courses in December and I went back home to Mexico where I have already started working,” said Miguel Solorzano, senior. “Even though I am happy where I am right now, I miss Lynn so much and I wish I would’ve taken advantage of my senior year a bit more.”

In order to get the most out of what time is remaining, seniors should take a moment to reflect on not only what they have done, but who they have affected along the way.

College graduations signal the end of some academic careers, but they should never signal the end of important relationships made during crucial moments of development.

On graduation day, seniors should look out on friendly faces with love, pride and confidence.

Victoria De La Cruz

Victoria De La Cruz is a senior majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in multimedia journalism. De La Cruz considers writing and fashion to be her greatest passions. She has her own blog, Sartorial Dreams. In the near future, De la Cruz dreams of working full time with her blog and eventually developing her own fashion brand.

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