Cafe Bleu Is Off The Franchise

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The well-known coffee spot in Delray Beach, Spot Coffee, has been renamed as Cafe Bleu.

Spot Coffee is based in Buffalo, New York, but now the favorite coffee spot has become independent from the franchise.

Although the name has changed, the manager and menu has remained the same. Cafe Bleu is still a where locals and tourists can come out and relax with a great meal and a hot cup of coffee.
“Pretty much it was a good idea to de-franchise from a company that was 1,400 miles
away,” said Tyler Cheer, manager of Cafe Bleu. “We transitioned to local coffee breweries
that are better and added more things to the menu, such as pita bread pizza and other
things that Spot Coffee would not let us do,” said Cheer.

Colorful walls full of art, friendly staff and customers, this is a place to go when someone wants to study or just meet up with a friend for coffee.

“There are all walks of life that come into that door; politicians, locals, tourists and friends,” said Cheer.

Many people would not blame Cheer, for even politicians and business men come in for some fresh food that is made on site.

“I enjoy the employees. Most of them are very friendly and enjoyable to talk to. My old roommate is the assistant manager there as well, so it is always good to help provide business for a friend,” said Hart Pisani, senior.

Cafe Bleu even caters to vegan communities having the best fresh made muffins that run out in 30 minutes. However, they have tasty sandwiches and even homemade pizza.

“I’m very simple and plain when it comes to drinks. I just stick with a medium coffee,
but their croissants are homemade and delicious and if I ever get food, I stick with the
Cajun Turkey Club Wrap. It’s always a good decision,” said Pisani.

The traditions remain the same even after so many changes within the restaurant. For more information on Cafe Bleu, visit facebook. com/cafebleu.

Stephanie De Martino

Stephanie Giovanni DeMartino is a senior majoring in communication and emerging media, with a minor in film. When DeMartino is not studying or in rehearsals, she is writing music and singing. Growing up promoting and meeting rising bands, DeMartino is familiar with working in major industries. After being an extra in Rock of Ages, DeMartino wants to rise in her career.

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