A Virtual Zen Den

Student success coordinator and certified yogi, Elena Tayem, instructs virtual yoga every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. for Lynn students and faculty to unwind after a full day’s worth of work. 

“My goal is for [attendees] to take that hour to themselves to relax, rejuvenate and reset for their next work or school day,” said Elena Tayem, yoga instructor. 

Attendees are recommended to bring a yoga mat, a water bottle, and of course, their iPad to join the class online via Zoom. It is up to the students and faculty to leave their cameras on during the class, however, if attendees choose to turn on their cameras then Tayem can help correct students’ poses when needed. 

Above: Screenshot of Elena Tayem demonstrating the warrior 1 pose in virtual yoga via Zoom. Photo/ E. Christensen. 

Tayem tries her best to set up a relaxing virtual environment in her room to make students feel as if they are in an actual
Zen den. She uses plants, tapestries, and mantras while also urging students to find a clutter-free, quiet space where they are not interrupted. The mood is finally set with relaxing music streamed through the Zoom platform. 

“I hope that everyone feels more connected to their mind, body and spirit,” said Tayem. 

The class begins with warmups such as breathing, stretching and wrist exercises to help students and faculty who are typing away on their iPads all day long to unwind and release stress. Afterward, the class picks up the pace slightly and goes into Vinyasa poses, including downward dog, warrior poses, balancing poses and bridges. 

Tayem is open to helping attendees if they need modifications for different exercises throughout the class. With that said, it does not matter if it is someone’s first day of yoga, if someone is struggling with an injury or if someone has been an experienced yogi for years on end. All levels are welcome to attend the class. 

“I always close the class asking everyone to turn their cameras on… that way if we have any students who are remote and not having an on-campus experience, they can at least feel they are connected with their Lynn community,” said Tayem. 

The Zoom login information for this virtual yoga class hosted by campus recreation is accessible through the Lynn events app. 

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