Top Five Worst Movies, Television Shows And Endings

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By Charlotte Hansen

Staff Writer

*This article contains spoilers.

Last week, I went around campus and asked people what they thought were the worst movie or TV show endings in mainstream media.

Now when it comes to movies, many students on campus love watching them at the theater or even in their own home or residence hall. The first movie on the list is “La La Land.”

I know, I know. It nearly won Best Picture at the Oscars and scored Emma Stone a win as Best Actress. However, unlike most other Hollywood movies of recent years, this movie shares a more realistic view of stardom where the girl does not get the boy and there is no happily ever after for them. So, if you want a more realistic view of what Hollywood romance is like in the real world, give it a watch.

Number four is a movie that is from the 1950s, “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness.” Starring Ingrid Bergman and Curt Jurgens, this film follows the story of a British maid who goes to China, hoping she can help orphans and get them to safety.

“The images were beautiful but the story itself was not as surprising as I was expecting,” said Léa Himpens, senior.

The next ending that is disliked is from the television series “Downtown Abbey.” Having ended nearly two years ago, fans were shocked when two lead characters were killed off in the third season, shortly after the births of their two children. To make matters worse, the final season is quickly rushed through, a huge disappointment after the show won several Emmys for their drawn-out plotlines and cliffhangers.

Another TV series that ended poorly is “The Sopranos.” Last aired in 2007, it covers a man named Tony Soprano who tries to control the mob he runs as well as dealing with personal problems and the violence that the mob entails. However, the ending falls flat and it was quickly rushed through, similar to “Downtown Abbey.”

“Over time, it seemed to be going downhill,” said Melvin Schwager. “I think that what happens is that the writers, after a number of years, run out of material and then they don’t know what to do so they come up with very far-fetched storylines and typically the last shows, instead of great ones, just fall flat.”

Last but not least, the number one movie that ends terribly is actually a series of movies; the “Sharknado” movie series. It may be the worst movie ever, but it is so awful that it is at times comical. The series even has a video game, and a fifth movie which came out in August of this year.

“It is just ridiculous, how sharks make a form of a storm or hurricane and then they eat people,” said Sofia Ticktin, junior. “And then they [the sharks] get killed and they come back to life in a second, third, fourth and eventually even the fifth.”

No matter what the movie or television show, endings are an important part because they wrap up the story and fix the loose ends. Unfortunately, some of these endings aren’t very good but continue to leave a lasting impression for years to come.

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Charlotte Hansen

Charlotte Hansen, a returning junior, is a multimedia journalism major with varied interests, including Star Wars, broadway music and playing the piano. She loves animals and enjoys spending time with Sophie and Belle, her two golden retrievers, when she is home.

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