College of Aeronautics’ Journey to Safety

Aviation Department and Instructors Fly Out of Dorian’s Path

On August 31, Lynn University’s aviation department began transporting their planes to Tennessee in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

Dorian initially threatened to make landfall on Florida’s east coast. Though the storm eventually turned north and spared Florida, Lynn’s Burton D. Morgan College of Aeronautics wasted no time getting their planes out of the storm’s potential path. Lynn’s aviation instructors piloted the planes themselves as they flew to safety.

The fleet stopped in St. Simons Island, Georgia before reaching Charlotte, North Carolina. After spending the night in Charlotte, the fleet departed for their final destination: Nashville, Tenn. The fleet arrived in Nashville on Sept. 2.

Once Hurricane Dorian no longer posed a threat to the planes, the fleet started their journey home. The fleet and instructors arrived safely back in Florida on Sept. 5.

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