Temporary Medical Tattoos with Tech Tats: The Future of Medical Monitoring

Tech Tats are revolutionizing the way doctors and other medical professionals monitor patient’s health.

Developed by Chaotic Moon, Tech Tats are designed, so patients do not have to go into the doctor’s office physically. The sensors in the tattoo gather information about the user’s body and send it to medical professionals.
If something is wrong, doctors will call their patients and inform them what they should do next.

“The Tech Tattoos can really tie in everything in one package. So, it can look at early signs of fever, your vital signs, heart rate, everything that it needs to look at to notify you that you’re getting sick or your child is getting sick,” said Eric Schneider, Creative Technologist and Hardware, in a company video.

Most medical monitoring systems are extensive and take up tons of space. Tech Tats apply to the skin, so the user does not have to worry about carrying around extra weight. The tattoos work exactly like temporary tattoos, where one needs water and pressure to apply the tattoo to the skin. Other versions of the Tech Tats use electrical paint instead of the temporary tattoo look.

“Tech Tats are a revolutionary invention that I would really need in my life. As my immune system is very weak, I often get sick. However, it is hard to recognize when it is a day-to-day thing and when I am seriously sick. Tech Tats would allow my doctor to check me over a long distance and tell me the severity of my sickness,” said Jiri Balcar, student.

Not only does the Tech Tats monitor health, but it also has bonus features. Chaotic Moon has embedded a fitness tracker and a wallet system. The Tech Tats allows the user to carry credit card information and identification cards on their body. Now, there is no need to be carrying around a wallet that someone can steal.

“Tech Tats could benefit my life because I have some health problems with my heart. I don’t have a home base, so it’s hard to see the same doctors. Now they can give me a call if something looks wrong. I also want to see what security measures are in place before I put important information in these chips,” said Jason Epstein, Florida resident.

People no longer have to take a trip to the doctor’s office when they need a physical or feel sick. The Tech Tats apply to the body, and if something is wrong, the doctor will call their patient. Tech Tats are not out for sale yet, but Chaotic Moon wants to make the tattoos affordable so people can buy them in bulk. For more information visit: https://www.postscapes.com/conductive- ink-tattoos-tech-tats/

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