LaCroix, the flavored seltzer brand that has become increasingly popular with young adults, recently faced claims of false advertising over its supposed all-natural ingredients.

The bubbly beverage brand has been around since 1931, currently holding roughly 30 percent of the market share in sparkling water sales in the U.S. From blackberry-cucumber to key lime, La Croix has more than twenty flavors to choose from.

However, the ingredients in LaCroix –particularly linalool and linalool propionate – have recently led to numerous questions among consumers. As some have noticed, linalool can be found in cockroach insecticide, while linalool propionate is often found in sage, lavender and ginger essential oils. These properties account for the strong aroma of LaCroix, often compared to perfume.

As the ingredients themselves may not appear completely natural, the question about consumer safety remains.  According to ​Gavin Sacks, associate professor of food science at Cornell University, linalool is not an active ingredient for insecticides. While the chemical is present, Sacks indicates it is only added to block unpleasant smells.

“As long as [the] concentrations being used are comparable to those found in fruits and beverages, it seems unlikely [LaCroix is] going to be a health concern,” said Sacks. “At the very least, [they would be] very minor concerns compared to more widely recognized health concerns.”

With Sacks and others quelling most initial concerns recently, students have also expressed confidence in the brand moving forward.

“I’m still drinking LaCroix because I like the fact that it is in a metal can instead of a plastic bottle,” said Nick Pintucci, sophomore. “In a moment like this, we should be focusing on using products that promote a healthy environment. Plus, it’s tasty.”

While LaCroix’s ingredients may not necessarily be a potential death sentence, the claim of having all-natural ingredients certainly seems to be a stretch.  To learn more about what each can contains, visit https://www.lacroixwater.com/nutritional-faqs/​.

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