Taking an in Depth Look at One of Lynn’s Most Active Professors Around Campus

One bright figure known around campus for making Lynn a better place is Professor Diane DiCerbo.

When not teaching classes, DiCerbo serves as the director of academic advising, the director of Pine Tree Camps and a member of several development committees around campus. In her 33 years of service around the university—predating Lynn’s current name—many changes have taken place as a direct result of all of her hard work and dedication.
Dicerbo spoke a little about herself for faculty, staff and students to step inside a day in her daily life.
“My favorite thing to do around campus is to help people,” expressed the professor. “It does not matter whether these people are campers at age three or students at age 23.”
For DiCerbo, going into the education field was always a part of her plan.
“My initial degree was in education,” said DiCerbo. “I always liked working with kids and helping them become better people, one person at a time.”
In her role as the director of academic advisors, DiCerbo helps the community be the best it can be by overseeing academic advisors, organizing activities for first-year students and providing guidance for students who request help.
“I ensure students are reaching their fullest potential while here at Lynn,” stated DiCerbo.
When she is not advising first-year students, she spends her time creating activities for campers ages three to 14.
“This is a program which began 38 years ago [for] Lynn employees that needed a place for their children to go during the summertime,” DiCerbo stated.
DiCerbo also spends her time serving on many committees to help decide current and future plans for academia.
When not wearing those many hats, she likes to spend her free time by taking long rides down A1A listening to music in her 1979 VW Beetle convertible, watching all sports and going on her daily walks and bike rides.
When she was an undergraduate student herself, DiCerbo attended the University of Florida in Gainesville as a mathematics major. Like many current Fighting Knights, she was a student athlete who was nationally ranked in swimming.
After graduating with her first degree, her first job was serving as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey, which she continued to do for five years before deciding to leave.
“I decided to move down here to sunny South Florida after experiencing too many bitter winters up north,” laughed DiCerbo.
Since moving down to the Sunshine State and becoming an integral part of Lynn’s campus culture, the professor has never looked back in regret.
“I have been working here over the last 33 years and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. From working with faculty, staff and students on a daily basis, to seeing Lynn’s exponential growth thus far, working here has been an amazing experience,” stated DiCerbo.
The multi-talented campus figure continues to serve the university today with high hopes for its future, dreaming of Lynn’s place one day as a household name.
“During the next 33 years, I definitely look foward to our physical growth and our student growth throughout our campus and also having Lynn University become a household name,” Dicerbo stated.
DiCerbo is one of the most important figures at Lynn because of her dedication to making the campus an educational haven for its students.

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