Gabriela De Moraes, a junior from Newark, N.J., has found comfort in Lynn’s diverse student population. 

While from New Jersey, De Moraes also has Brazilian nationality as well. In fact, she has always been passionate about coming from two different backgrounds. 

“I feel as though my Brazilian nationality provides me with a different perspective on certain things,” she said. “I think it allows me to not be so close-minded. I often think back to how my parents and family in Brazil would think.”

De Moraes’ parents are from Brazil, as well as her older brother. Learning the national language was never a question in her household.

“Although I’m fluent in both English and Portuguese, I like speaking English more,” she said. “I grew up in America, so it makes it easier.  However, [being fluent in] Portuguese helps as a biology major, considering that most words are in Latin.”

Known for its multicultural student body, Lynn boasts an international rate of 19 percent as of fall.  With events like Celebration of Nations and more throughout the school year, De Moraes was certain she found the ideal spot for her post-secondary education. 

“I enjoy being a part of a university that provides so much knowledge and passion for embracing who you are and partaking in who others are,” said De Moraes.

Not only does she speak Portuguese and join in multicultural activities on campus to embrace her Brazilian culture, she also regularly visits the country she holds dear.

With her knowledge of – and love for – her Brazilian culture, De Moraes has thrived in the wide-ranging environment of Lynn.  She is certain she made the right choice in attending a university that embraces students from across the globe.

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