Entrepreneur Fights Inequality by Creating afrX 

By: Agustina Tasende 

Eva Trappio-Delgado is the CEO and founder of afrX, which launched in February.  

“The afrX’s mission is to provide a more equitable, accessible and inclusive platform to address topics the education system fails to offer,” said Trappio-Delgado. 

The startup tackles the injustices low-income minority children face. Hence, its name is a mix of the two minorities, African/black (afro) and Latinx communities.  

afrX provides a platform to educate individuals via courses in history, culture, sexuality, mental health, parenting, finance, taxes and more. The platform provides information aimed at educating children in all these essential topics. 

“I quickly realized the issue here in the States is education. The lack of core life skills and information is missing in our education systems. So with that, I knew my goal was to make sure every child—no matter their race, ethnicity and/or socioeconomic status—received an equitable and well-rounded education,” said Delgado. 

Not only do they provide essential courses for individuals, they also “apply a percentage of profits towards giving back to low-income African American/black and Latinx countries,” said Trappio-Delgado.  

The startup also plans to provide high-speed WiFi and free membership to afrX for children. 

Its recent launch was a success on campus.  

“The amount of support from my friends, preceptors and even strangers was overwhelming,” said Trappio-Delgado. 

Those who want to support afrX can do so by purchasing their empowering bracelets, which contain inspirational quotations.  

“All of the proceeds…go to creating more afrXmation bracelets and filing to become an LLC,” said Trappio-Delgado. 

According to Steff Gass, executive director at Data Analytics and Research, “People should be interested in this because there are so many people worldwide that do not have the resources they need to get the lesson they should be getting.” 

Currently, afrX has six hardworking team members, all of whom are passionate about the mission.  

“I am so thankful for every single person on the team, and their support has helped me stay motivated,” said Trappio-Delgado. 

afrX recently launched a new set of bracelets that state, “I AM MEANT TO BE HERE.” They sell for only $5. The purchase also includes an afrX sticker and thank you card. To learn more and support the startup, please visit afrx.org. 

CEO Eva Trappio-Delgado during the afrX launch. Photo/A. Parra. 
afrXmation bracelets worn by individuals supporting afrX. Photo/A. Parra. 
The first bracelets launched with the words, I AM ENOUGH, engraved on them. Photo/@afrx.o. 

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