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Students enjoying a work out at Dirt Fitness, located locally in Boca.


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Dirt Fitness, an upbeat and motivational gym, located in Boca is the perfect way to stay in shape over summer vacation.

Dirt, located at 7152 Beracasa Way, offers a variety of weight training and fitness building classes that will make working toward any fitness goal a fun and exciting process, allowing people to step out of their comfort zone.

Everyday reveals a new workout to ensure that every muscle in the body is targeted and strengthened.

“I have been a personal trainer for half my life, it is my passion to help people make a lifestyle change,” said Kelli Musa, gym owner. “I have seen some serious changes in people even just over a matter of a month.”

Although the thought of working out might strike fear in some, Dirt Fitness makes it an intriguing process.

“I have been going for almost a full year now and I still look forward to it every single day,” stated Casey Brown, senior. “You never know what to expect when you walk in those doors, which is the most thrilling part for me.”

With the boot camp style classes, it makes it easy for newcomers to fit right in. From dumbbell lunges to pull-ups, it is amazing to see what one’s body is capable of achieving when being pushed to the limit. Having three personal trainers to guide one along the way also makes this gym truly unique. If having a nice atmosphere is not enough, Dirt also offers a special student discount. Each month Lynn students receive $50 off the original price.

“During the summertime, you sweat a little extra and going to the beach after a nice workout is that much more satisfying,” said Emily Robinson, senior.

Dirt Fitness, ultimately, is one of the best places a student could spend time working on their fitness. The discount, variety of times and classes offered and smiling familiar faces to help people along their fitness journey makes Dirt the place to be.

Dirt provides one of the best atmospheres in South Florida for motivation and dedication when is comes to exercise and health.

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