Lynn University Basketball Players Discuss
Upcoming Season

New Year, New Talent

By Liz Clagett, Staff Writer

Winter is fast approaching, and with it, so too is basketball season. Lynn University’s basketball teams have been preparing all fall.

Team leaders from the men’s and women’s basketball programs were interviewed to get some insight on the teams’ readiness and mindset heading into season.

Ellie Fiore, a Lynn senior who plays wing, is confident about the team’s ability to successfully get back on the court and in the game.

With a stellar record of 12-9 last year, and making it to the finals where the team lost against Tampa, the women’s squad has set its standards and fan’s expectations high.

When asked about any fears or reservations going into this season, Fiore seemed determined.

“It is not fear; rather, just more motivation to have another great season,” said Fiore. “Injuries happen often in athletics, and the women’s team has a few injured players at the moment. Everyone’s head seems to be in the right place, and everyone is ready come November.”

That sentiment adds to the team’s mission of success. The confidence this women’s team has in each other will hopefully carry them even further than last season.

On the other side of the court, Quentin Toles, a junior transfer from Walsh University, has found a new home as a Fighting Knight and member of the men’s basketball team. Toles is confident in his team making the playoffs this year.

“Everyone is very consistent with their plays during practice and that is where it all starts, so I am confident in starting off this season strong,” said Toles.

Last season, the men’s 4-21 record, including a 10-game losing streak to close out the season, leaves plenty of room for improvement and encourages Toles and his teammates to make this year better than last.

When it comes to injuries for the men’s team, nothing is holding them back. They have one injured player on the team, but the injuries are minor and things are looking very bright for the men’s team.

Both Fighting Knights basketball teams are feeling comfortable heading into this season. Now it is up to the fans to show up and show support to boost the energy of their play on the court.

Interested in cheering on your Knights? Be sure to visit www.lynn/edu/athletics for details pertaining to game schedules and more.

Above: The women’s basketball team enjoying a photoshoot on the beach. Photo/L. Clagett.
Above: Lynn’s men’s basketball team posing for a photo in the locker room. Photo/L. Clagett.
Above: The Lynn University basketball gear and official National Collegiate Athletic Association
(NCAA) basketball. Photo/L. Clagett.

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