Through the university’s Counseling Center, Lynn students have daily access to confidential, free mental health services from licensed psychotherapists.

With the option to partake in group counseling or one-on-one meetings, the Counseling Center has proven to be beneficial for students struggling with personal issues.  Open on weekdays, the facility has grown as a mainstay for many on campus.

Kelly Patrick, a licensed psychotherapist for the Counseling Center over the last 11 years, has seen firsthand the benefits of having this resource on a college campus.

“The Counseling Center provides individual support through difficult times and psychoeducation about mental health issues,” she said. “It also provides techniques to deal with any number of concerns, such as anxiety, depression and relationship problems.”

Patrick has observed how students have improved their communication skills and self-reflective abilities through these counseling services. Other benefits include strengthening relationships, personal growth, relieving anxiety and finding coping mechanisms to combat any challenge. 

“The Counseling Center participates in tabling events at the beginning of each semester to let students and families know about the free services available,” said Patrick. “We serve roughly 10 percent of the on-campus student population each year.”

For many students, it is encouraging to have access to these resources without affordability concerns.  The Counseling Center thrives on finding solutions to issues that arise in students’ personal lives, all while offering a plethora of other incentives to join alongside its program. 

“Students report improvements in their college experience when they have utilized counseling services,” said Patrick. “We support the faculty and address any of their student concerns, working with various departments on campus to provide programming about mental health issues.”

The Counseling Center welcomes any input from students on ways to improve its services. To learn more about the Counseling Center, call 561-237-7237 or visit its tab on myLynn. 

Kelly Marmo

Kelly Marmo is a sophomore majoring in communications and design. Marmo has a love for journalism, advertising and public relations, which all led her to become a member of iPulse. Outside of iPulse, Marmo’s interests include music, exercise and photography.

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