Senior Will Conway has spent his final undergraduate semester as a legislative intern at a democratic congressional office in Washington, D.C. 

Conway decided during his freshman year that he wanted to apply to the Washington Internship Institute, a nonprofit organization specializing in public service, leadership and professional development. However, the timing never quite worked until spring semester of his senior year. After receiving acceptance into the program and acquiring a congressional internship, Conway eagerly awaited his move to the Hill. 

“I knew I wanted to be immersed in D.C.,” said Conway, a political science major. “The Capitol really is the heart of this town.” 

As a legislative intern, Conway’s daily tasks depend greatly on whether Congress is in full session. On regular days, Conway books and gives tours of the Capitol, speaks with constituents regarding their concerns and completes basic office tasks. When Congress is in full session, Conway often finds himself physically running things to the cloak room, drafting mountains of memoranda on policy and resolutions as well as assisting the legislative staff with policy research. 

“Interns on the Hill do a little bit of everything,” said Conway of his position. 

Outside of work, Conway enjoys wandering through local bookstores, studying in coffee shops and visiting museums and monuments. The National Gallery of Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and The Wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial all stand out to Conway as some of D.C.’s finest attractions. Despite the work opportunities, museums and monuments, Conway still finds himself missing home and Lynn. 

“I miss the debate team; I miss my fellow debaters and my coaches.  

Being captain of the debate team has definitely been the best part of my time at Lynn,” said Conway. “Professors at Lynn, like Dr. Hamm, Dr. Wright and Dr. Stone, have been instrumental in my development, both as a student and a person.” 

Though Conway misses home and life on-campus, he still values the experience he has gained working in the nation’s capitol. 

“I think everything you do in life plays a role in preparing you for things that will hit you further on down the road,” said Conway. “Whether that’s something as simple as joining a university club or taking an internship on the Hill.” 

Going forward, Conway plans to apply the skills and knowledge he has gained in D.C. as he pursues a graduate degree in philosophy following graduation in May. 

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