Not An Average Student

Emma Carlson, a senior at Lynn, reflects on the change in her college experience due to COVID-19.

Carlson’s journey in college did not start specifically at Lynn University. Still, she managed to find a way to Lynn in hopes of finishing her degree. She previously attended West Virginia University, located in Morgantown.

“Looking back as a freshman, I see a young girl who did not realize that she was going to learn much more than just what was taught in the classroom,” said Carlson.

Every college student experiences some growth from their freshman year leading up to senior year.

“In fact, I found that throughout the years, the life lessons that you gain from college are a lot more valuable than the grade you receive on a paper,” said Carlson.

During Carlson’s sophomore year of college, she realized something had to change with her previous university. This made her nervous because she broke the stereotypical norms of going to the same university for all four years.

“I did not want to be judged by anybody when coming to come to a decision that was the best fit for me. At that moment, I was solely focused on myself and my future,” said Carlson.

When transferring to Lynn, Carlson concluded that she made the right decision. Since her time at Lynn, her experience has been nothing short of interesting due to COVID-19.

Since Carlson transferred and began her journey during the 2019 Fall semester, she only experienced one full semester on-campus. The current pandemic caused her following semester to begin remote learning, which was a challenge at first.

Although she is ending her senior year online, Carlson managed to overcome this challenge with the help of the Lynn community. Even so, she qualified to earn a spot on the Dean’s List.

“Transferring to Lynn was one of the best decisions I could have made, regardless of the pressure I have experienced throughout these last few years. This also applies to anyone that is in a similar situation and is scared to face these issues,” said Carlson.

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