As advising opens for the 2019-20 academic year, the scheduling roulette begins as students look to piece together manageable course loads.

With the addition of online courses, though, students have the opportunity to take classes anywhere they choose.  In fact, Lynn offers a plethora of digital courses for a range of majors as well as Dialogues of Learning.

Some students prefer these courses where they have the ability to work at their own speed, arranging their work to fit around their daily lives.

“I love taking online classes because I have the freedom of creating my own schedule and working at my own pace,” said Zach Miller, senior.

As Miller mentioned, the major advantage associated with online courses is flexibility.  Alongside the university’s iPad-powered learning initiative, students may open any device at any time to begin learning at their fingertips through these classes.

For the busy student who works, commutes and has a multitude of roles to manage, online courses may be the perfect fit. For residential students, though, the desire to meet new people and experience a personalized approach to learning, on-ground courses would be ideal. 

“I like in-person courses better. The connection you make with each professor allows them to personally get to know you and your learning style,” said Antonio Postorino, senior. “From that, they can alter how they teach to what suits each student best.”

The key to picking courses, ultimately, lies in understanding one’s learning preferences.  Due to numerous benefits associated with both online and on-ground courses, students are sure to grow within each environment.  In fact, the opportunity to enroll in both types of classes simultaneously is likely the greatest perk for students.

For those looking to learn of the courses available for the upcoming school year, visit or contact the assigned academic advisor.

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