Mane Coffee recently opened in Boca, featuring products patrons claim are like no other in the local area.

Mane serves as the new spot for coffee fanatics to gather while enjoying a variety of fresh options. By sourcing its coffee from some of the best roasters across the U.S., Mane holds itself to high standards. The coffee spot offers numerous pathways to make a customer’s experience memorable.

“Mane is so close to my apartment, making it easy to swing by before class and grab my cold brew coffee,” said Julia Miller, senior. “I’ve tried almost every brand

of cold brew and nothing compares to Mane’s.”

The specialty coffee shop offers an aesthetic appeal as well. With clean white walls, colorful wall art, rustic wood touches and a flavorful aroma, Mane draws customers into the store and keeps them wanting more.

However, Mane’s main calling card is its lengthy menu of in- house products. It specializes mostly in seasonal coffee flavors and crunchy creative toast. The unique menu also features various cereals and alternative milk choices to complement the meal, all at an affordable $3.50.

“I hadn’t had a bowl of Reese’s Puffs in years,” said Nathalia Lewis, Boca resident. “I caved and ordered one at Mane. It was so nostalgic and tasted exactly how I remembered.”

Insofar as the signature toast, it begins with the fresh base of homemade vegan bread; toppings include cinnamon sugar, honey, peanut butter, avocado and beet hummus.

Mane is located on the southwest corner of Federal Highway and Spanish River Boulevard at 500 N.E. Spanish River Blvd. More information can be found at www.mane.coffee.

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