Asian Recipes in Quarantine

Different recipes to cook while quarantined

The Filipino cuisine and cooking style are unique in its way, and it has gained popularity in recent years with foodies.  

Adobo, a chicken dish with garlic and vinegar, is the soul of Filipino cooking and often favored in the household. Filipino cuisine has its unique twists on traditional meals with salt, vinegar and soy sauce to be flavorful. Filipino and Asian cuisines have family traditions and celebrations, including to honor different kinds of foods. 

“Food marks the occasion,” said Angela Dimayuga, chef of Mission Chinese Food in New York.  

Asian cuisine has an excellent variety of different flavors and signature tastes. Every Asian country has unique specialties for recipes. Noodles and Lechon, a whole roasted pig, are considered lucky on birthdays and holidays to enjoy with family.  

Asian cuisine differs significantly from European cookery, with the concept of rice and soy sauce in every dish. For example, Japanese food is healthier, with less use of oils, season influences and fish consumption. Asian cuisine has an excellent variety of different flavors and signature tastes. 

European countries rely heavily on olive oil and wheat, including meats, for their dishes. Cooking styles vary as well in Asian and European countries. Asians use the wok and different methods of cooking: sautéing, stewing, marinate and steaming.

Asian desserts do have some European countries’ influences. Famous European desserts are made in the Philippines: the custard Leche flan and purple yam with coconut milk are a couple of delicious desserts in Filipino cuisine.  

Leche flan is like dulce de leche, and Ube Halaya is a purple yam, a traditional dish in Spanish and Filipino cuisines. Asian desserts have unique flavors designed from fruits and vegetables founds in Asian countries. 

For more information on Filipino cuisine, visit New York Times’ article on Flipino foods:

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