After opening earlier this month, iPic Theaters will introduce another fresh take on upscale entertainment in Delray Beach.

The deluxe theater is projected to be highly successful.  Not only will moviegoers have increased access to gourmet food at their reclining seat, but the new iPic also will showcase private viewing pods to make the film experience more personal. 

Like many others in the theater business, iPic is set to continue its embrace of luxury.  By following this trend of enhancing the entertainment experience, however, some have begun questioning if the upgraded theaters have created unnecessary distractions for audiences.

“A great movie makes the experience great,” said Tyriek Fraser, sophomore. “It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. As long as I have somewhere to sit with functioning air conditioning, I’m fine.”

With the growth of third-party streaming services, others have argued that while iPic offers everything for which moviegoers could ask in a theater, the appeal to stay home for entertainment is more prevalent than ever.

“I think that streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are the ones taking away from the moviegoing experience,” said Justin Funkhouser, sophomore.  “There’s just so many options at our fingertips; there’s almost no need to leave the house.” 

Though iPic provides all the bells and whistles for its guests, the price associated with the showtimes could encourage individuals to think twice.  With most tickets ranging from $20 to $30 per person, iPic’s audience has a unique purchasing profile.

It seems to all come down to one’s personal preference of what truly makes the movie experience.  For those looking to follow the enhanced theater trend, iPic’s Delray location can be found at 50 SE 5th Ave. More information on the upgraded features is available at 

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