During the month of October, Mizner Park has produced a light show each evening in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Mizner paints the park pink in a month-long event that raises money to fund breast cancer projects and programs at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. They host events throughout the day and during the evening for everyone to enjoy, all with the goal of creating a difference for those affected by the disease.

“Seeing this made my heart warm,” said Jordan May, junior. “While I don’t have anyone in my family who has gone through this, it makes my heart warm to know that people care so much.”

While some may not know the feeling of losing someone to cancer, there are others that do understand that pain, including Mahogany Hall.

“Losing my great-aunt and my neighbor to breast cancer has made me more aware of my health,” said Hall, graduate student. “I wear wristbands as an everyday reminder of the great fight these women endured. They didn’t give up, I won’t give up and Mizner Park is making it clear that they won’t give up either. People really do care.”

In conjunction with its efforts to create awareness, Mizner Park also hosted events throughout October to lighten the mood a bit as well. They included a screening of Mamma Mia this past weekend and a Halloween celebration, featuring a variety of merchants and vendors.

“It is so nice to see my community doing such nice events like this, working to promote a good cause while also staying current. These efforts truly help me embrace this time of year and reflect on all I’ve been blessed with,” said Devon Brown, junior.

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