Across campus, students are using their past experiences with autumn and applying them to life in South Florida, creating a familiar and festive environment for all to appreciate. 

Some, including senior Sarah DePeri, have found unique ways to embrace the fall season despite the seemingly unchanged climate surrounding them.  

“Fall in Florida is a lot different than it is back home in New Jersey,” said DePeri. “During the fall at home, it gets much colder and I can start wearing cute clothes.  Here, I have to be creative on implementing some of those stylistic details while dressing for the heat.”

Others view the fall season nominally, seeing it more as a sign of things to come.  For many, fall is the beginning of one of the best holiday stretches of the year.

“Autumn means Thanksgiving is right around the corner, where you can reunite with friends and family,” said Emily Finocchio, senior. “That makes my heart really warm, which is why I love this season so much.”

Fall also has a tendency to bring out the creativity of Lynn students. Chelbie Smith, junior, is just one example of how individuals can incorporate elements from both their past and current autumn experiences.

“This is my absolute favorite time of the year,” said Smith, a New Jersey native.  “While fall in South Florida is much different, it leaves room for everyone to have a unique experience.  I love when it gets a little cooler, and I especially love Halloween time.  My makeup gets a little more fun because of the colors and styles I can create from this season alone.”

These individuals, like many of their peers, have come to embrace the changing seasons.  While the weather may not support an appreciation for fall in South Florida, all it takes is a little willingness, creativity and drive to truly experience autumn in Boca Raton.

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