Professor Builds Educational Empire: Future of Fashion Department Has High Hopes

By Caitlyn Kelly

Staff Writer

At the helm of Lynn’s fashion and retail program stands the dedicated, accomplished Professor Lisa Dandeo and her fashion students.

While the fashion program has been the teaching hub for Dandeo for over a decade, it has not always been as distinguished as it is now. Dandeo has cultivated the mindset to continue to grow the program for the better. 

“This year I am celebrating my sixteenth year at Lynn, I started as an assistant professor in the fall of 2003 and have since then made the school my home,” said Dandeo. “When I first started at Lynn, the fashion program was very disjointed and not personalized. Not only based on the students enrolled in the program, but it did not offer classes that would be industry appropriate for a student whom graduated and was looking to pursue an entry-level position in the industry.”

Dandeo has worked with the senior associate dean of the College of Business and Management Ralph Norcio to compose five classes offered to fashion students. These courses include an introductory course, followed by retail buying and management, fashion show production, the evolution of fashion and retail and retail and fashion strategic planning, all of which have formed the core curriculum of the program. 

“I like to try to open the students’ eyes to the fashion industry to things they’ve never known or even been exposed to before,” said Dandeo. “Some of the trips that I have been able to start since my time here are the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas, New York Fashion Week as well as Los Angeles Fashion Week, and I would like to start a few new trips by 2020.”

At the testimony of Lynn students and faculty, Dandeo is a model professor that genuinely cares and does all in her power to allow her students to gain connections through networking opportunities. Michaela Mignone, senior fashion and retail student, looks up to Dandeo and her talents. 

“Being involved in the fashion program has allowed me to make great connections with great people such as Dandeo. I have been able to learn a lot that have translated into my abilities now,” said Mignone. “I’m looking forward to the future of Lynn fashion. I’m interested in what it will be like when I come back as an alumni and how it’s only going to progress for the better.”

As a professor whose dedication to her students has made milestones throughout the years, Dandeo’s vision for the program’s future, primarily meeting the standards of Lynn’s 2020 goals, is far from limited. This year’s fashion production was successfully completed and Dandeo will not skip a beat as she plans for next year’s fashion affairs.

“I see the future of the fashion program continuing to grow, continuing to get better and change with the time while still being able to offer cutting-edge curriculum; giving the students a well-rounded view of the fashion industry,” said Dandeo. 

While completely transforming a college program may not have originally been Dandeo’s pursuits, it is clear the future of the fashion program will without a doubt be in trusted hands.

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