Fashion During the Era of COVID-19

Wearing a mask is one of the biggest trends, and it keeps people from spreading germs. However, who says one cannot be stylish while trying to stay safe? 

Face masks are not only mandatory, they are also becoming the latest fashion trend. Whether representing your collegiate school logo or high-end designer brands, face masks are in style. 

“A mask is not to disguise who you are but to show who you really are,” said Chloe Thurlow, novelist. 

Fashion has always been a unique way for others to stand out, express themselves and maintain individual style. However, it was not until the outbreak that face masks took on a new, improved approach. 

Face masks have been declared mandatory by many public facilities to reduce and eliminate the spread of a COVID-19. With this in mind, many decided to ditch frumpy or plain masks for vibrant, compliment- worthy masks that were also effective. 

“The beauty behind wearing a face mask is that it allows you to express yourself. This mask is my favorite and is very vibrant, like my personality,” said Emilee Fars, junior. 

Due to the high demand for face masks and very little availability at the time, families nationwide started to rely on the trade skill of sewing and even using old, unneeded fabrics to create face masks for themselves and their loved one’s protection. 

“Homemade masks may help reduce spit or droplets from infected individuals if made out of tightly woven cotton and used properly,” said Amber Jamieson, for Buzzfeed, at the height of the outbreak. 

As America adapts to what many have coined to be the “new normal,” fashion has proven to continue evolving with the changing times, changing trends and reflects the relevant needs of consumers worldwide. 

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