Campus Technology: Using The iPad Initiative To Better The Student Experience

By Liam Muller

Staff Writer

The iPad initiative has proven to be one of the most innovative advances around campus.

To create an environment that is moving away from the typical pen and paper, iPads have served as the hub for all courses at Lynn. These devices have not only altered the student experience in the classroom, but faculty have also grown with this technology.

“All faculty were given iPad training by Apple support technicians when we began the initiative,” said Chris Boniforti, chief information officer. “Due to this training, they are certainly familiar with the ins and outs of using iPads in the classroom.”

At Lynn, all students are given an iPad Pro to use for their studies, and the device is then given back to the school upon graduation unless the individual pays a fee to maintain their device.  With these tablets at the hands of every student around campus, the learning experience has improved.

“In 2011, we gave half of our faculty iPads to see if they made a difference,” said Gregg Cox, vice president of academic affairs.  “There was a marked improvement. As a result, in December 2012, we gave all of our faculty iPads and it grew from there.”

Lynn is one of the few schools that provides all students with a chance to adapt to modern advances during their undergraduate careers.

“The iPad has helped me complete and organize my work,” said Greg Fisher, freshman. “Due to programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, my post-secondary education has been easier and faster.”

Having met the expectations of Lynn 2020 well ahead of schedule, the adapting technology has been one of the focal points to growing as a university. Due to the consistent efforts of Cox and Boniforti, students continue to receive opportunities to be at the forefront of innovation while in school.

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