President Ross Talks Strategy: In The Wake of Completing The 2020 Plan, The Next Agenda is Set

By Rob Marek

Staff Writer

Having completed the Lynn 2020 strategic plan two years ahead of schedule, President Ross and the other cabinet members have both celebrated their successes and looked to the future via Lynn 2025.

Commissioned in 2005 by George Keller, an educational planner, Lynn’s 2020 plan left a long-lasting impact on campus. However. the 2025 plan has been a collective effort by the institution.

Moreover, Ross and others have acknowledged that the most recent strategic plan brought the community together. Through constant collaboration, the many departments around campus created a vision for the future of Lynn.

“We were thrilled to release our next strategic plan on May 1, focusing on engaging, expanding and elevating the university as an innovator in higher education,” said Ross. 

Using the prior strategic agenda as a guideline, Ross and his associates have identified numerous measures that will be needed to ensure success in the recently announced plan.

“For our next strategic plan, we used a design thinking lens to shape our course,” said Ross. “This approach allowed us to engage across our campus community and develop creative strategies to further improve our university. Hundreds of members of our campus community contributed their unique perspectives through interactive design thinking sessions.”

Lynn 2025 was internally launched on May 1, paving the path for the next vision of Lynn’s campus and higher education in general. 

Students and faculty look forward to continued collaborations both around campus and inside the classroom. 

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