Sewing Up The Loose Ends Of The Semester

By Caitlyn Kelly

Contributing Writer

The clamor of the sewing machines fills the background noise of Lynn University’s fashion commons as a standout student stitches together her efforts, bringing to life her artistic abilities while in pursuit of her fashion career.

“Fashion has always been my life,” said Michaela Mignone, senior fashion student. “Focus has been the key to my success thus far and will continue to be in my future.”

Lynn’s fashion program has been the home to Mignone for her three years as a fashion student where she has learned the basics. More recently, Mignone has gotten hands-on experience preparing for the school’s annual Spring Fashion Show.

“Being involved in all that I have, such as attending New York Fashion Week and making great connections with great people such as Dr. Dandeo, I have been able to learn lots that have translated into my abilities now,” said Mignone.

Head of the fashion program, Professor Lisa Dandeo has been overlooking Mignone’s work as she puts the finishing touches to her pieces and scene that she is designing for the show date of May 5. According to Lynn students and faculty, last year’s show was hard to beat, however, Mignone said otherwise.

“I think people can expect some of the same things as last year but even more this year,” said Mignone. “Lots of glitz and glam will accompany the LED screen which was a huge success last year, but many more additions will be present this year.”

As an almost graduated senior, this year Mignone took on the challenge of designing three pieces from scratch which will form her “Through The Late Night Scene” of the show.

“I really want my theme for the show to embody strong women who feel powerful in their clothes,” said Mignone. “My passion for fashion has inspired this because the thing I love most about fashion is putting on a great outfit and feeling confident because of it, and that’s what I want people to see and feel in the pieces I design.”

After the looks of the show are completed and Mignone graduates with her undergraduate degree, Mignone plans to keep her creative juices flowing in the fashion world as she pursues her career.

“After graduation, my ideal job would be a part of a production team for a well-known fashion team within the industry. The path to get there will be tough, but I’m willing to do what I have to do for it,” said Mignone.

Focus has always been the starting point for Mignone and will continue to be as she concludes her fashion career at Lynn, and looks forward into her future of possibilities the fashion world has to offer.

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