Searching For That Perfect Summer Job

By Nia Perkovich

Contributing Writer

Closing in on the last month of the semester, many college students are on the prowl for a summer job. For many, the summer job hunt can be difficult for those seeking temporary work or students in need of internship hours.

Internships can help students discover what sparks their interest within their field of study, especially if they are unsure of what career they want to pursue with their degree. For most students, summer is the only available time to intern before classes begin again in the fall.

Paid summer internships are ideal because students can gain experience in their field of interest, earn college credit in many cases and make money at the same time. Seasonal internships are also convenient for college students because interns are only expected to work for a brief period of time.

“In my opinion, the best way to find a summer internship is through networking,” said Emily Weisberg, senior. “With soccer, I am only able to work in the summer, so making sure I take advantage of gaining internship experience is very important to me.”

Working remotely is also an ideal option for students to look into when searching for jobs this summer.

“I love working remotely because of the flexibility,” said Donish Henry-Cole, senior. “I am able to do my work wherever I am and able to dress casually for Skype meetings, instead of having to dress in business attire.”

The Hannifan Center for Career Connections offers help to Lynn students seeking internships and even full-time employment upon graduation. They help make students aware that internships can lead to future salary positions and are a great opportunity to form connections in desired job industries.

For more information about how the Career Connections team puts individuals in touch with prospective employers, email Cameron Gill, the internship and employment coordinator, at

Nia Perkovich

Nia Perkovich, a Coral Springs native, is currently studying advertising and public relations. After graduation, Perkovich hopes to land a job at any well-known public relations firm to realize her life goals.

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