Xbox To Unveil “Project Scorpio” At E3

Project Scorpio, now referred to as Xbox Scorpio, is the rumored console that Microsoft is set to debut at E3. This system will be a follow up to the Xbox One, which was released on Nov. 22, 2013. During this E3, gamers will have an opportunity to see the potential Project Scorpio and its future within the gaming realm for Microsoft.

A feature of Project Scorpio, which was not included with Xbox One, is its backward compatibility. This means that even if a user purchases an Xbox Scorpio, they can still play their favorite Xbox games. According to ExtremeTech, the only exception to this would be VR games, which requires peripherals that were not supported on the Xbox One.

“It seems like an advancement for Xbox and Microsoft, but they need to focus on the games and the capability,” said Jones, senior and avid Xbox One player. “They have made Xbox Slim [which can also be considered] to be better than Xbox One.”

According to Microsoft, games will be able to sustain a constant frame rate on Scorpio even when they struggled to do this with Xbox One. This new console is rumored to avoid automatically raising frame rates. The frame rate issue is typically up to the developer and is linked to the game engine.

A cool feature that is expected to be included for Project Scorpio is VR support. Sony, Microsoft’s main rival, has excelled tremendously at VR for the PlayStation Four. Microsoft has seen this and knows that they have to add VR support to be able to compete with Sony in sales.

Another component of Project Scorpio circulating Microsoft gaming is its game rendering abilities to 1080p. This is a crucial factor for Microsoft in the competition against Sony, as Sony’s Playstation 4 primarily focuses on 4k graphics. This feature may propel Microsoft onto an equal playing field with Sony when it comes to game graphics.

Project Scorpio may be a hit or it may be a miss for consumers, as was the Xbox One at its initial launch. Microsoft is set to focus on improving the Xbox One and developing it into the best system that it can be since it launched.

Microsoft also plans to focus on game creation, franchise development and graphic capability improvement on the Xbox One. Hopefully, Microsoft will not disappoint in this upcoming E3 event with Project Scorpio.

“I think that Project Scorpio is too early,” continued Jones. “They should focus on quality content for consumers rather than making advancements every few years.”

Kaitlin Armstrong

Kaitlin Armstrong is a senior studying communications and emerging media. Originally from Atlanta, Ga., she shadowed the Atlanta Falcons’ community relations department in 2016. Armstrong hopes to use that experience to gain additional internships.

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