Taking Love For Performing To Ireland

As a lifelong performer, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of unique experiences. Among my greatest memories are singing for government officials, embarking on a tristate tour and traveling to Tennessee.

Of all these experiences however, there are two that are of no comparison to the rest. Through performing, I have ventured to the great nation of Ireland not once, but twice.

I never thought that I would end up acting. As a performer, I have the most experience in instrumental performance followed by singing and dancing. However, it was my acting chops that landed me gigs in two of Lynn’s musical productions that toured internationally.

I have to thank the College of International Communication for pushing me to step out of my comfort zone on stage. I would have never experienced such amazing opportunities without their encouragement.

While visiting Ireland, I hiked the coast of the country, I roamed unfamiliar streets with my cast mates and I “strutted my stuff” in front of an audience abroad. For me, getting to do these little things made a tremendous impact on how I view the world and the opportunities Lynn has to offer.

Leaving the country with peers my age brought us closer together as a unit and I will never forget the memories that I have made with these friends. Although I am the first to admit my disappointment for not studying abroad during my undergraduate career, I’ll happily take the two weeks spent in Dublin over absolutely no abroad experiences.

Hopefully, I will get to visit what is my current favorite city regularly for the rest of my life. It is bittersweet to realize that it will never encompass how it felt to be there with a show to perform and with peers to enjoy the country with.

Still, I’m all smiles that these trips even happened at all.

The opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer.

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