Semester Is Coming To An End

Dominique Marghella

 Staff Writer

     As the semester is coming to an end, students are really starting to stress as they try to finish up the last minute assignments that will bring up their grades. Students are spending late nights last minute studying and working on research papers, and must find ways to relax.

     All students want to finish off strong, constantly checking their grades and averages, checking off the syllabus to see what they have for the up coming week. 

     However, this time of the year is the worst because it is so bittersweet. Students are so excited to go home for winter break that they are losing interest in their studies.

    In addition, all last minute essays and projects are being assigned now, and it’s a lot of pressure.

    Although students are cramming and stressing, they always seem to find a way to de-stress, especially in this beautiful South Florida weather. So what are students doing to de-stress?

       “It honestly relieves the stress to get all of the work done that you need to do, especially when you don’t procrastinate and take your time doing the work you need to,” said sophomore Christina Diabo. “I de-stress by laying in bed and relaxing, sometimes taking a nap helps me because then I wake up refreshed and I can get back to doing more work.”

        With being down in South Florida and having a pool on campus, taking an hour or two hour break to get some sun is also a good way to relieve some stress. 

       Another way to take a break from studying is working out and then taking a shower, water tends to relax the brain and muscles so that you are refreshed.

     “I think if you manage your time properly everything will work out,” said Gioia Sacco, junior. “But one way I know that I de-stress is I binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix or I go on Pinterest for hours.”

      Catching up on favorite shows or browsing social media is certainly activity that will not cause the brain anymore stress. However, it should be done in moderation.

      “To me Netflix is relaxing but is also very distracting because I will get so addicted to watching it that I watch episode after episode, so I can’t watch a little and then go back to doing work. For me, I need to get everything done first before I do anything else,” said Nikki Mannarino, sophomore.

       With winter break right around the corner, students should focus on getting all of their assignments out of the way so they can truly relax.


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