New Holiday Film Should Not Just Be Seen For The Laughs

By Brian Martin

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The holidays are a time for families to gather together and celebrate the most joyous time of the year. Families give thanks to all they have and try to forget about any troubles they may encounter in their day-to-day lives, but that may not always be so easy.

 “Love the Coopers” tells the story of the Cooper family, who gather together to celebrate Christmas while each individual family member deals with the drama occurring in their personal lives.

They each try to find ways to resolve the turmoil that plagues them, but find difficulty in doing so.

 The film cuts between the different members of the Cooper family to examine what dilemmas they are dealing with. There is also a good amount of hilarity involved in each of the characters’ stories.

 The cast includes Diane Keaton and John Goodman as Charlotte and Sam Cooper, the main couple of the family, and their children played by Ed Helms and Olivia Wilde as Hank and Eleanor. Other notable cast members include Marisa Tomei and Alan Arkin.

 The story is really well written and the cast is able to utilize the script to the best of their ability. The cast embodies both comedic and dramatic qualities to help reflect how the characters are dealing with their problems while also trying to add humor into the mix. Although the film is deemed to be a comedy, it becomes evident that it is not just that.

 As they are trying to deal with the hazardous circumstances they find themselves in, the family members each have a realization about themselves. After discovering ways to overcome their turmoil, they are able to come together as every family should on Christmas.

 This makes the film a story about self-discovery, and shows that no matter what drama may occur in a family’s lives, they always manage to get past any problems they may have and come together. The concept of self-realization is what makes the film standout, and shows what it means to unite as a family on Christmas.

 “Love the Coopers” is the story of how a family’s numerous life problems are what ultimately bring them together, and is a notable holiday film that should not be missed.




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