Professors And Peers Reinforce Lynn’s Strong “Community Culture”


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The relationships students make in college have the potential to lead them down many paths in life. Some of the most influential individuals college students encounter are professors that teach them valuable lessons.

Lynn’s professors work tirelessly to ensure students understand the importance of community building and support. Professors and faculty members educate the future professionals before they enter the working world.

Many professors believe that showing support to their students sets them up for future success. One of the ways the Lynn community shows support for one another is through attending sporting events.

“Sports are such a large opportunity to careers and jobs along with networking and teamwork,” said Mark Jackson, professor. “And jobs along with networing and teamwork,” said Mark Jackson, professor. “It’s really about encouraging people to get together and do things.”

Jackson has attended several sporting events at Lynn and believes that going to sporting events is one way to build a tight-knit community.

“People coming to an event or being on the team or supporting a team I think builds that community that is very useful in a time when a lot of other efforts are fragmented,” said Jackson.

While some students would much rather watch a school event on a laptop or cellphone, coming to a live event is a more positive experience. Coming out and supporting one another is an important aspect of establising a strong community and enjoying the college experience.

“As a student athlete it’s great to get support from the people who teach you in the classroom, especially the people who have influenced you in the classroom everyday,” said Ron Davis, assistant to the athletic director. “That’s just more support that is given to the student athletes.”

Student athletes consider themselves a major contributor to the community spirit at Lynn, but they also take pride in the relationships that are formed off the court and field.

“Knowing that faculty and staff give us support really gives us that energy while on the court to win,” said Nikki Colonna, sophomore. “Without them, all of our sports teams would lack that extra confidence.”

To contribute to community culture, students and faculty are highly encouraged to attend sporting events to show their support and continue making Lynn a positive and supportive campus. 

Christina Diabo

Christina Diabo graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s of arts degree in multimedia journalism from Lynn last May. Now as a graduate assistant in the College of Communication & Design, Diabo hopes to pursue a career involving her skills and talents in the broadcast journalism industry, hoping to report for the Golf Channel.

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