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From Savasana to Tree Pose, Lynn students and alumni gather daily at nine pm to partake in one of the campuses most relaxing events. Once just a dance studio, Lynn’s third floor studio now hosts nightly yoga. The class is taught by yoga instructor of 3 years, Sebastian Castellanos.

“Its nice to exercise and meditate at the same time,” said freshman Nina Cintron. “It really helps me de-stress after a long day.”

With only five students on the first day, the class has really expanded with approximately 15-20 eager new faces each day. The one hour class is open to any and all on campus, with styles varying from low skill level to high.

“I’ve become a lot more flexible and happier,” said sophomore Kara Stevens. Drop in anytime, grab a mat, and relax. Unfortunately the small studio does not have enough room for everyone, so make sure you get there early.

“There are usually a ton of people crowding in.” said freshman Mariana Vernet.

Looking for a little more serenity? Candlelight yoga in the residence quad features nature scenes and chill vibes. Join your peers and follow the teachings of a guest instructor while enjoying live music at one of Lynn’s most sporadic events.

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