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Whether one is a freshman or a senior, there are always new things about Lynn to be discovered.

Certainly there are seniors who do not know everything about the campus that houses their education.

If one spends enough time in the library they will view someone accidentally touching one of the Dell monitors and noticing for the first time that the library computers are in fact touch screen. Recently, some seniors who use Snapchat, sent out posts on how they never noticed that the monitors can easily be manipulated with just the tip of a finger.

Students can now rent microphones and tripods that are adaptable with iPads. For students who desire the use their iPads for video broadcasting, film making or other assignments, one just needs to rent out the equipment on the third floor of the library. Make sure to sign the equipment out within a 24-hour notice.

On the first floor of the library in the left corner is a room called The Cube Library Learning Lounge. Many students have passed by the room and have viewed meetings and presentations being presented. However, many students do not even realize that one can actually rent the room by simply asking to do so at the library’s information desk in the front of the first floor. The room is not just for staff members, as many are led to believe, but also for students use as well.

Whether one is doing a senior capstone or taking their first design class, the computer lab Macs on the third floor of the library have applications such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for students to use regardless of their major.

Many classes are held in the computer lab, which utilizes these applications.

However, many students in other majors who do not have classes in the computer lab may be surprised to know that they themselves can use these applications by simply logging in with their username and students I.D. number.

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