Lynn Alumni On A Mission To Make A Difference

Lynn prides itself on its ability to create a sense of community among Fighting Knights. Whether or not a student is currently enrolled or has earned their degree months and years ago, the Fighting Knight spirit stays with them always.

With over 13,422 graduates, it can be difficult to keep track of what every member of the Lynn family is doing today. However, when some graduates decide to stick around just a little while longer, keeping up with them is not such a hard task at all.

Florida resident Jennifer De Souza graduated as a part of Lynn’s 2017 class with her B.S. as a double major in international business management and marketing. Today, De Souza has decided to continue her education, getting her MBA in Marketing here at Lynn.

With plans to get more actively involved in missionary work the rest of her life, De Souza chose to further her study in marketing so that she can use her skills to raise more awareness for domestic and global non-profit organizations that she is interested in.

Lynn’s marketing program is equipping De Souza with the knowledge, insights and skills to drive positive social change in the business world.

“All the education I receive as a marketing student I can implement into the field because the education is so hands on, and that makes me very excited to learn,” said De Souza.

In her required coursework, the graduate student is learning about the psychological areas of marketing, the many different things that intrigue people, how to communicate with audiences and how to market accordingly to meet a company’s mission and vision.

Taking this growing knowledge with her, De Souza has took it into her own hands to go a step further. Selflessly putting her education to use in Sept., her birthday month, De Souza decided to fundraise money for a campaign she supports as a birthday celebration. A few weeks before her birthday, De Souza took to her personal social media accounts to ask family, friends and followers to donate $21 for her 21st birthday to the A21 campaign.

De Souza’s posts explained that modern day slavery still effects 20.9 billion people a year globally. The non-profit organization, A21’s mission is to abolish slavery everywhere around the world and De Souza wants to help.

“This is the only gift I am asking for this year, so I hope everyone supports this. Those that cannot donate, I’d appreciate if you could just spread the word. It is my goal to raise $2,100 dollars by my birthday, Sept. 22. 2017,” shared De Souza.

Even though her birthday has passed, De Souza hopes to continue fundraising and spreading the word about A21. To donate to the cause, De Souza asks that you head over to and forward the confirmation email to

Brianna Randall

A cum laude graduate of the 2017 class, Briana Randall is continuing her education with a master’s in communication and media with a digital media specialization. Working as the administrative graduate assistant, Randall is the first to welcome students and visitors to the College of Communication and Design. Through her studies, she hopes to expand her skillsets as a correspondent and for future work in the television and media industry.

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