From Reality TV to Pizzapreneur 

By Marissa Stancin 

Position: Staff Writer 

Pizzapreneur Peter Izzo shares with iPulse how his pizza lifestyle is skyrocketing one slice at a time. After his participation on “The Bachelorette,” he is set to open his third pizzeria location in South Florida. 

Born and raised in an Italian-American household in Long Island, New York, Izzo grew up with a passion for Italian cuisine. He attended college and double-majored in hospitality management and accounting, and had the chance to study abroad in Florence, Italy. While there, Izzo had the opportunity to work for a Michelin-rated chef. 

“I am known for my famous saying, ‘changing lives one slice at a time,’ because I really consider not only my pizza but my brand a lifestyle brand,” said Izzo, owner of Peter’s Pizzeria. “I remember as a kid going to the local pizzeria where I would meet our friends at the same time every day. I’m not only a pizzapreneur but very much a family man and I am very proud to be in business and be partnered with my brother and have my family involved. Every time you step foot in our doors, you become a part of my family.” 

Izzo is not your average pizzapreneur. All of his products are imported from Italy, from San Marzano tomatoes to hand-stretched mozzarella. 

“By the age of 21, I [opened] the pizzerias for the family I was working for, and it was within that time where I realized that it was much more than just food. My dream of owning my own restaurant gave me the opportunity to facilitate families’ memories to be made, relationships to be established and anniversary’s to be appreciated,” said Izzo. 

Izzo is grateful for his family’s support and his brother’s participation. He was working for an Italian restaurant on Long Island when his brother called him and told him that he needed to come down to Florida and check out this location that just became available. He took the risk, knowing the road ahead would be difficult, but he fell in love with the idea, wanting to build his own legacy and generational stability. 

“Life’s not all about money. Every day, I wake up and I choose to accept the responsibility to not only take care of my future family but also all of my employees and their families as well,” said Izzo. “The love affair that I have with pizza makes me want to do this for free and seeing the smiles on my customers makes me want to continue to do this every day.” 

Izzo’s newest location will open in Pompano Beach. There is already a Peter’s Pizzeria location in Boca Raton on Palmetto Park Road.  

“Pizza, it’s there for you at night, it’s there for you at lunch, it’s there for you at 3 a.m. And even there for you at breakfast. Pizza is loyal, and Peter is loyal.” 

Peter Izzo outside of his Boca Raton location. Photo/P. Izzo. 
Peter Izzo making fresh pizza. Photo/P. Izzo. 
Peter Izzo meeting the bachelorette, Michelle Young. Photo/P. Izzo. 

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