Getting Fit With The Gurus: Learning About the Best Online Fitness Influencers to Stay in Shape

Lynn students utilize online sources like YouTube to find ways to stay active while not having access to a gym this semester.

YouTube has become a hotspot for creators to upload videos to guide their followers in all types of activities. Fitness has become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Creators such as Chloe Ting, MadFit, Yoga with Adriene, and many more have risen to popularity with workouts that are easy for their viewers to complete in their own homes.

While these gurus spread across a wide range of fitness niches, some teaching yoga or others focusing more on cardio or weightlifting, there is always a video for every viewer. One of the current most popular fitness YouTubers, Yoga with Adriene, starring Adriene Mishler, has adopted a devoted following that enjoys her content.

“I really enjoyed the initial video I watched, and she has a lot of variety in the types of videos that she makes for whatever your personal goal might be,” said Hannah Boggs, freshman.

These creators have become widely adored by their fans due to their relatable content, which draws students to watch their videos.

“She’s very honest and open about what she’s going through and how to achieve the results you want,” said Ginger Stein, sophomore, about her favorite creator, Kaylofit. “She’s also so funny and genuine.”

Other students bounce from one creator to the next to keep up a varied and challenging workout schedule.

“I just look up HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts and do whichever one pops up. I try and switch it up once a while,” said Georgia O’hearn, junior.

Without having access to a complete gym on campus during the pandemic, students have become creative in how they stay fit, and consulting online YouTube gurus does just that.

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