Brotherhood for Life: Students Gain Long-Lasting Friendships from Lynn’s Fraternity

Lynn’s fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, demonstrates the basic principles of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service.

There are currently 215 active chapters, roughly 12,000 active members and 348,000 initiated members since SAE was founded on the University of Alabama campus in 1856. Every Fall and Spring semester, SAE at Lynn holds a recruitment season, looking for guys interested in joining an organization bigger than themselves.

SAE at Lynn is also one of five Greek organizations on campus. Three of which are fraternities (SAE, APD and ZBT), two of which are sororities (Theta Phi and Tri Sigma). SAE is the largest one currently, with 28 active guys.

iPulse went out to see why current, former and new SAE members joined such an elite brotherhood; this is what they had to say:

“I was looking for brotherhood. Guys, I could call at 3 a.m. in the morning when stuff goes wrong and I know they will be there,” said Jake Moll, junior.

“I was looking for a community of people to be a part [of]. But what I saw [within] the SAE chapter was so much more. I saw leaders; I saw entrepreneurs, men with passion and purpose. I truly believe if you’re a part of a community full of great people, you will be the next. I joined SAE as a student who had failed out of a college with many debts and regrets.” said Ryan Wesson, Lynn alumni. “I ended up graduating with honors and a 3.74+ GPA. Today I’m the CEO of my own company, changing [the] lives of small business owners across the United States each day. Traveling all over the world to discover new passions. My community of brothers inspired and led me to the man I am today.”

“I was looking for a group of mature and strong-minded guys who would not only help me find my way through college and beyond, but support me in friendship as well. I was hoping to use the leadership experience I took from high school and apply it to my fraternity career, which I have done since my first semester in [the fraternity],” said Chris Schone, senior at Lynn.

“I chose SAE because of the potential the organization had on campus, the values the organization stood for and the possible networking opportunities. The friendships became friendships for life,” said Diego Ruiz, Lynn alumni.

“[I joined as] a way to network, and I was hoping to make some good connections and friends,” said Evensen Ross, freshman.

“I have a couple of friends who were in SAE and I was a little nervous at first to join. But after hearing the positive and great things about the fraternity and how it has a whole brotherhood. It really is important for me to have something like that when we are all super close together,” said Mark Woort-Menker, junior at Lynn.

Students who are interested in learning more about SAE at Lynn can message the organization on Instagram @saelynnu. Students can also learn more about SAE Fraternity by checking out their website at

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