Campus Clubs Gather to Shape Future

Members from each club and organization on campus recently attended the Lynn Leadership Conference.

This conference, hosted at the beginning of each school year, is an introductory and organizational seminar that offers free food and the opportunity to mingle with new and returning members of all clubs and organizations on campus. The conference gets activities, events and leaders on the right track.

“This conference, above all other events, has been the most helpful to me,” said Diego Ruiz, peer mentor, student ambassador and vice president of the fraternity SAE.

As one eager student who takes on multiple leadership roles, Ruiz explained how this type of event is different from others. It allows the members in his club to have a voice and platform to speak up about ideas, issues or topics that have room for improvement.

Peer mentor and manager of Lynn’s club hockey team, Emily Finocchio, is also taking on a leadership role this year as president of the sorority TPA.

Besides the free food and the general organizational advice, the speaker this year was successful in implementing, “personal helpful tips which came from my sorority sisters, including having to answer questions such as, what leadership qualities they would like to see, what type of qualities do they see in people who cause problems and what specifically can their leaders work to improve on.”

This type of exercise was exceptionally important for leaders like Ruiz and Finocchio, since this year has had the largest turn out of potential new members of Greek Life.

As an overview, the Lynn Leadership Conference turned out to be a major success, showcasing signs of improvement in comparison to previous years; it was evident that almost all those at the event were engaged and interacting with one another. Moving forward this year, it looks like those seeking leadership positions will be offered an immense opportunity to grow and develop within the Lynn community.

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