Internships: Where to go and What to Expect: Career Connections and Internships experiences from Current Worker and Lynn Student

With the semester being halfway over, students can learn more about career connections and the process of getting an internship with a current career connections worker Ben Fagan and current intern, Claire McCabe.

Career and Alumni Connections is a resource at Lynn that helps students prepare for their future. The services at Career and Alumni Connections involve resume consultations, career coaching, networking and job searches.

“Internships give you the opportunity to continue to meet people and grow your network,” said Fagan, career and alumni coordinator. “[Internships] give the opportunity to show that there are many more avenues to go down than just this one route [college].”

Internships are a way to gain experiences within your undergrad
or graduate education. These real- world opportunities also help students prepare for the future and get hands- on experience with their potential careers.

“First, you have to do your research and find where you want to go,” said Fagan. “If you are stuck as to where to begin, [visit Career and Alumni Connection] because this is the place to go.”

McCabe has been working with the Career and Alumni Connections office since January. McCabe’s internship consists of creating content and managing Lynn’s alumni social media.

“Working for Career and Alumni Connections has pushed me to be a better professional and has made me more outgoing,” said McCabe, senior. “I feel lucky to work in this office under the guidance of the Executive Director Barbara Cambia.”

For those interested in finding out more information about internships, Fagan is holding an internship seminar every Monday and Friday.

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