Secrets to Success

Josh Skielnik, an entrepreneurship major, intends on paving his way through the business industry with his determined attitude. Skielnik who is a student-athlete who works two jobs recently discussed his best tips for balancing it all. 

Skielnik typically begins his day with cross country practice at 6 a.m. He will grab a bite to eat and then take a quick power nap to get him through the day. The naps are crucial, especially when Skielnik is working late into the night.

Afterward, he tries to knock out his work at a marketing and production agency called BrandStar, and a business consulting company called Mentorship.CLUB. 

Once the afternoon rolls around, Skielnik completes his schedule by logging onto his class via Zoom.

“I definitely put the most emphasis on my coursework,” said Skielnik, junior. 

Although logging on to class is sometimes the last part of Skielnik’s schedule, it is definitely not the least. Skielnik’s number one priority is school. Skielnik also recommends other students to prioritize the important matters of work while having a busy schedule.

“I think you should be aware of your own limits,” said Skielnik. “Make sure that you are not spreading yourself too thin and make sure you are mentally sharp and in the game.” 

Completing everything in just a short day can be overwhelming, but the biggest thing that helps Skielnik is taking breaks and spacing things out. Taking breaks allows Skielnik to stay mentally focused.

“My biggest trick is to focus on one task at a time,” said Skielnik.

The weekends are Skielnik’s only days off, which are crucial days for him to reset and recharge. On these days he enjoys relaxing at the beach or taking long bike rides. 

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  • December 22, 2020 at 11:53 pm

    What an inspiring figure.. really impersonates the Lynn attributes of Spirit, Service and Strength perfectly.


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