New App, Wigo, Is Taking Over

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Who Is Going Out, also known as WiGo, is the new app designed just for college and university students, which helps plan safe social outings without the hassle of group text or Facebook event planning.

WiGo connects with students at particular universities, allowing students to tag where they
are and who should meet them, without the interaction of unfamiliar individuals. WiGo does not just let everyone use their application; each university must have a certain number of users to ‘unlock’ their school.

“I’ve never heard of it,” stated Brandon Narpiel, senior. “It seems kind of weird that you can see where everyone is during his or her free time.”

According to the creator, 23-year-old and college dropout Ben Kaplan, “it takes the network effect.” It is estimated to need about five percent of the school’s population to
activate users. With more than 100,000 active users and 73 schools currently activated, about 1,200 other campuses are working toward unlocking their universities.

“We like to think of it as a LinkedIn for colleges,” said Kaplan in the Business Insider.

WiGo is a quickly advancing application. The app is designed to connect students with one another for weekend activities as well as study sessions and lunch dates. Filtering
out other individuals, the application is more safe and easier to operate than group text and Facebook news feeds.

Carlie Admire

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