The First Look Into Lynn’s New Pulse Agency Class And Club


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A new and exciting student-run organization is now on campus that very few Lynn attendees know about.

Professor Gary Carlin’s COM 342 Advertising Management class is taking on a new role this year as a student-run advertising and public relations group, Pulse Agency, that handles real clients along with real money. The agency is also a club that meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. every single week.

Pulse Agency is a branch of iPulse, currently selling advertising space on periodical printed editions. The team has also taken on just about any PR and advertising real client demands that come their way.

“Modeled after the success of iPulse, we are using real job titles and running it like a real advertising agency,” said Carlin.

In Pulse Agency, all students are given the opportunity to choose a role that best suites them. They also must provide an explanation for why they are the best fit for their desired position.

“It empowers students to have real job titles inside of a class,” said Carlin.

The positions within Pulse Agency include a graphics director, web master, account manager, advertising sales manager, social media director, strategy and research director and a video production manager- all of which are roles that would be used in any advertising and PR agency.

“I’m hoping to see myself somewhere up in the food chain directing the team because I know I’m capable and willing to orchestrate difficult tasks,” said Calvin Jordan, junior. “I feel like starting my own PR and communications firm is exactly what I want to do after college anyway, so for me, this is kind of the perfect ‘test drive’ experience.”

Students are gaining real world experience through Pulse Agency by creating press releases, organizing events, developing logos and successfully executing social media posts.

With real world experience being so important upon graduation, Pulse Agency is helping students get an idea of what they like and dislike by working with real clients and material to create something that excites each party.

Pulse Agency has already taken on a few clients, two of which are posting advertisements in the iPulse. One being the South Florida Tri-Rail, which travels all the way from West Palm Beach to Miami. Their advertisement promotes the 50 percent student discount that they offer. Another client is Robert Reich, assistant professor in the College of Business and Management.

Reich is hosting an event on campus for the Academy of Business Research (ABR) and International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research (IOSSBR). Reich came to Pulse Agency with a proposal for a themed logo for the event that could be used on programs as well as commemorative t-shirts. The event is hoped to draw more than 100 attendees.

With Pulse Agency being tied to the iPulse periodical, students can use both of these classes to not only get credits, but also gain practical experience within the communication field that can help benefit them for future jobs.

For those students who are not currently enrolled in the COM 342 class, it is open for all participants to join.

This is the start to a successfully agency that will push students to further their involvement and experiences.

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