Recognizing The Lynn 100

By Nicole Schrader

Staff Writer

Recently, select Lynn seniors were chosen to participate in the Lynn 100, a testing process through the Collegiate Leaning Assessment (CLA).

Seniors that participated took a 90-minute exam in two parts. The test examined the critical thinking, organization, writing and reasoning of students. The seniors were selected based on grade point average throughout their classes. 

The CLA is a nationwide assessment of an institution’s contribution to the progress of development among their students. The CLA also allows the school’s progress to be used as a marker and compared to other participating institutions. 

“I felt that it is a way to recognize students for all their hard work, especially for me because I put in a lot of work these past three years,” said Nory Ortega, senior. “Based on my high school AP exams, I felt that I was more prepared than others that had not taken them.”

Participating in the Lynn 100 gave the opportunity for the students to enjoy free pizza as well as receive a cord for graduation. The participants will also be recognized during the graduation ceremony for all their hard work and dedication. 

“I think it is a great opportunity and felt as if I mattered. I felt it was a great chance to showcase what I have learned,” said Spencer Jackson, senior. “Based on my past experiences, I did know most of the questions, so in a way I was prepared.”

The overall test and experience is to help improve the learning of students and help the faculty and administration to grow their teaching techniques. 

Nicole Schrader

Nicole Schrader is a Boca Raton resident, majoring in film and television and minoring in multimedia design. Schrader expresses her gifts in writing screenplays, editing, photography and graphic design. She looks forward to using all of her talent in the future in the film industry.

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